Saturday, March 29, 2014

XeroShoes Sensori Venture Giveaway!

It's that time of year again when the warmer weather makes us want to free our feet!  New sandals is just the way to celebrate spring! 

Up front, I don't like to tie my huaraches.   I have tried and I can tie a good knot BUT I loathe having to readjust a shoe over and over.   Some people can do it no problem.  I want my sandals to just slip on and not have to think about them again.   You can tie them that way but I have not yet mastered it. 

The Sensori Venture by XeroShoes are brilliant!   They come pre-laced and I didn't even have to adjust them when I first put them on.   My favorite part about these is the silicone heel strap.   You can adjust at the heel and the tension at the top of the foot as well.   It holds the shoe snug to your foot but doesn't rub the wrong way. 

  The only adjusting I have done is trimming them down a bit to fit my foot perfectly.   They have a soft yet strong toe post.  The sizing determines where the toe post will go and then you can trim as necessary.

  The side holes never touch the ground and don't rub the side of the foot. The heel cup is comfortable, keeps stuff out, and adds some color accent.  They have some new colors out that makes a total of six to choose from!

The tread is 5.5 mm FeelTrue outsole with lovely traction.   I have played all over in these from city streets, playgrounds, scrambling over wet rocks at the seaside and on slippery muddy trails, and have felt confident that I wouldn't eat it in any of those places!

  I love the feel of bare feet and yet so want some protection from the terrain.   There is also a new sandal out called the Amuri Cloud.   Definitely go check that out!

Now who puts a 5,000 mile warranty on their shoes?? Crazy right, but true!

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