Tuesday, January 7, 2014

iFit news. Oh Fitness Tech, I love you!

 "Revolutionize the way you workout."  iFit absolutely got my attention! 

  I have a thing for tracking what my body does.  I am a firm believer that its best to know where you have been in order to better plan for where you are going.    Wearable devices to track your bodies behavior just titilates the geek in me! 

  I learned today through my  fellow FitFluential ambassadors that at the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show iFit is introducing its wearable iFit Active Band. 

  "The iFit booth has two of the mega-trends that Consumer Electronic Association forecasts for 2014: Wearable health and fitness and the Internet of Things.  The EEA predicts the market for personal health and wellness products to grow by 142% by 2018 to $8 billion.  Running, walking, and treadmill activity are the top three participation activities in the 2013 Treacking the Fiteness Movement, published by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). "

 I have watched the different companies come out with health and fitness trackers over the last couple of years and knew that it would be a  growing trend but those numbers are surprising and  its great that we are moving in this direction!  The  iFit Active Band looks like a fascinating little device. 

 Aren't they lovely looking!  I just love tech!   The iFit Active Bands are going to be available in the spring and sell for $129.   You will be able to wear on a band like a watch or clip it to yourself.  Lots of different colors to choose from.  The part I like the best is that the iFit active app will run on both apple and android.  I have both as I use an iPhone and a Samsung Note 2, hoping hoping to upgrade to the Note 3 with Galaxy Gear, but I digress. 

  The iFit Active will be able to switch settings from awake to asleep, based on settings you customize in the app which is different from other brands that require you to manually switch.  

 All activity patterns will be automatically recorded on the device and then synced to the app via Bluetooth 4.0.  You can also log caloric intake and log daily nutrition through the smartphone app.  It will be interesting to see how this works.  I already log what I eat through MyFitnessPal.  It would be great to have everything including steps, distance, activity, and sleep all in one place.

 I think this will be a company to watch in the coming years!
"iFit® is the first ever technology to unify your fitness activities at home, in the club, and outside, all with a single login."   Of course I would rather get out in the gorgeous outdoors.  I do live in Washington though and some days its rainy.  Beautiful but a bit damp at times and I wouldn't mind hiking the Grand Canyon on a treadmill on those days! 

  iFit technology could literally cure the "dreadmill" blues.  I personally like walking on a treadmill.   Back in the day I ran a treadmill marathon and freakin loved it!  I am a Google Earth addict and think that being able to walk different places around the world would be amazing.  I see gyms of the future having treadmills like this everywhere! 


  Tech trends are inevitably moving towards simple and streamlined and to be able to do that with your health and work out endeavors just makes sense.  You really should check out their website as there is just too much fabulous information to share all in this one post.  You won't be disappointed and I bet it will make you want to be a tech geek too if you are not already and stoke the fitness fires of your New Years Resolutions! 

Do you track your fitness and sleep?   What device do you use?  

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