Monday, September 2, 2013

Friends and Sweet Disoposition

 My bestie Tina Dubois who is my coaching partner in crime over at Natural Running Coaching came to visit me in Port Angeles this weekend  and it was so fabulous to see her again.  We haven't seen each other in person since we took our coaching course with Lee Saxyby in NYC ages ago.   Her and her honey were not able to stay as long as we had hoped but it was lovely to see them and it sounds like they loved it here and will be back to visit soon of which I am very happy about.

Playing at Shane Park with Tina

  It is a strange thing to have friends.  Friends that come over to my house instead of friends that are always at my house but reside in my computer.  If it were not for social media I would be a lonely person being a bit introverted and a bit of a hermit unless I work hard not to be.   At one time over the weekend we had two couples over to chat. At the same time!  I make friends easily enough but to have friends that are couples is different too.   It was incredibly strange and wonderful for the spawn to see us hanging out with other couples.  Usually its just Jaymon and the spawn and I but it was so comfortable to have people in our bubble.

  Our house is large enough to accommodate having people over and we have put emphasis on making sure we have enough table and chair space to sit around in the dining room.  We haven't had a house large enough to have people over before.  EVER.  We also have comfortable space upstairs to send the spawn when they are getting rambunctious.   It may not seem like novel news but for me its huge!

   Tina and her Andrew camped at the Salt Creek Campground and we went to visit them and check out the area.  It was fabulous!   There was a great beach that had lots of sand and it was calm and shallow, so no worrying about a kid getting swept away.  I could just enjoy myself.  Check out the photos

  Tomorrow is the first day of school for Jupiter and we go to meet Archimedes' teacher before he starts Kindergarten on Friday.   Au revoir summer.  You were a really good one full of travel, family, adventure, and friends. 

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