Saturday, June 8, 2013

No Normal, Safe and Sound, and #handstand365 Day 43 and 44

  I keep thinking that I will be glad when things go back to normal and then I realize that there is no normal for us now.  Our house is looking more and more bare each day.  The trash bins are full of things we thought at one time or another that we needed and the back of the van is filled with clothing and books to be donated.  Being together is our normal and thats going to have to be enough for a while.   My normal is detaching myself from what I knew before and embracing the unknown and dreams ahead.   It feels good.   Although I have been eating way too much and not doing near enough movement.  I do miss a regular yoga practice.  I need to come back to center.  Parts of me are becoming weary.

  Our moving sale was fascinating.    I tell people that we are getting rid of everything and only taking what we can fit in and on the van.  I don't think they believe me until they start buying our stuff.   I met people who enjoyed telling us about the family they have in Washington and how much they love it.

  People love to talk and you learn interesting things about them.  Then there are those that you want to take your stuff and just go because no matter how much you try and understand what they are talking about it is all jibberish.   I smile and nod and scrape the bottom of the compassion and tolerance pit and then go in and eat yet another cheese bagel or crappy yogurt to fill the void where the life they sucked out of me once was!  I did eat loads of watermelon and red peppers that I eat like apples so there was some balance.  Oi.  Im glad to have made people happy with their new treasures though.  The whole experience was cool.

  Taking a break from selling yesterday.   The weather was perfection!

Day 43

Day 44 of #handstand365 

I have a nice list of  songs on my summer list so far, of which I am making a post about,  but this one is definitely at the top of the list.  Such a happy tune. 

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