Sunday, May 19, 2013

Send me happy house renting juju and #handstand365 Day 24

    Today as the fabulous midwestern thunderstorms rolled in and the tornado sirens started blaring,   I was speaking on the phone with a lovely woman in Port Angeles Washington about a house we would really love to rent.   I hesitate to write this as I feel strange writing it out at all.  It seems like Port Angeles might be too good to be true.   It gets less precipitation than we do here in Des Moines and it has water to the north and mountains to the south.  I think I found autism services for Jupiter and there is a vocational school and community college.   I would love love love some good house juju sent my way!!   (no tornados in our neck of the woods.  It all went just north of us)

  I was thinking today about the things that I will miss about the midwest.  I mentioned the fabulous thunderstorms.  Yes, they are damaging and terrifying at times but the strange feel to the air....  The charge in the air as a storm is all black and menacing with thunderheads looming above,  its incredible.   If you have a basement of course then you can appreciate  the beauty!    I remember coming to Kansas from California as a kid and being amazed at the thunderstorms.  That amazement does not go away.  

  I have been watching handstand tutorial videos and working on my core so I can eventually lift into handstand steadily and more controlled.  I did make some progress but while I was practicing the Superhero said my back looked stiff as a board.   I can feel it and knew what he meant as soon as he said it.   I feel like my back locks up as soon as my hips start to go over my shoulders at all.  So although I am working on my balance in the air, I need to practice up right to make being upside down more stable. 

  The feeling of needing a good long practice has been creeping up.  I do some yoga throughout the day but I have been so busy with so many things that yoga has been put on the back burner for the most part and I am starting to feel a regression.   So tomorrow my plan is to have a nice long back bending practice and get back on track.   I love how even though I know there is so much work to be done on myself I still feel mellow and eager about it and not down on myself.  Pretty amazing growth if I do say so myself!  

  Embrace Monday and be awesome!!!

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