Sunday, February 24, 2013

Funky Headstand in INKnBURN, Runners Intense Side Stretch, and Audrey Hepburn

   Its cold out and everyone in the house has been sick.  Not terribly sick but enough to wear me out since I'm the mama.  I have been doing some yoga but not taking pictures and one of the things I love about the pictures is editing them.  It gives me endless enjoyment and pleasure and I find it very relaxing.    I sit in the evenings with the superhero and watch StarTrek and edit pictures.  Bliss!

  Today while the superhero was out shopping and the kids were playing peacefully I got some time to practice in my little patch of sunlight.   I had to keep the practice short but sweet since I know I am still recovering from several nights of hardly any sleep in a house full of sickos of which they are all on the mend thank Hippocrates.

    It is a fine line between working out rejuvenating us and being too much and sapping the life out of you and we don't want that!  Being conservative in this is best even though I felt at the time like I was golden, afterwards I was glad to have kept it short.

 Getting upside down changes your perspective.  It increases blood flow to the brain and who doesn't need that right!  Its like a bit of coffee without the caffeine and who says you can't do inversions in a skirt?  Rock and Roll INKnBURN skirt is what I am wearing.   Sign in to INKnBURN and use discount code AngieToldMe to get 15% off.  Totally dig their stuff.  Art in movement for sure.

  I can't leave out the poses that I am not so great at.  I am a whole complete person with strengths and weaknesses and my weakness may be my most interesting parts, from one perspective.  

  This Wheel Pose is so frustrating for me.   I just can't (yet) get my hands under my shoulders.  My back is getting more limber but there is a wall or a blockage and I can't get any further.   Thats ok.  I am so making this one priority!!  I will improve my wheel.  I love a good challenge!

  The Camel Pose is a backbend as well and also one to work on.  It has gotten so much better over the years.  I used to not be able to touch my heels at all and I would lean way back but not keep my hips over my knees.  It was painful to do and I avoided and bitched about doing this pose when the superhero and I used to do yoga together over the years.

  Now my back and hamstrings are much more limber and the discomfort is just discomfort.  Totally something I can hang with and breathe through.   I would like to get my feet flat on the floor however and I would like to get my back and hip flexors even more limber.   Its good to know where you have been so you can see where you are going. 

  This is Marichis Pose and Marichi means ray of light from the sun or moon.   There are several variations of this pose and I am doing the bound version.   

  Runners, this one is pretty awesome!  Make sure you are warmed up though.  It is called Intense Side Stretch  and it is indeed intense.   I have found that the key to this one is to bend at the hips and move forward out over the lead thigh and then put your chest to your thigh while the lead leg is bent.  After you put your chest to the thigh then try and straighten the leg gently.  This keeps your hamstring safe and keeps your back aligned.   You don't want to curve and round your back you want the spine to stay straight.    My boobs touch my leg but not really my chest hahaha!  

  Make sure you spend the same amount of time on each leg even though one leg, or side of your body, is always more limber than the other.  

    It is so important to rest in Savasana after a yoga practice, run, weight session, any kind of workout.  Lay still and breathe and be grateful and appreciate what your body can do and thank yourself for being kind and taking the time to treat yourself well.    

  It used to seem trivial to me before but then I started doing it to see if indeed it did make a difference and what I found was that it really cemented in the benefits that I was experiencing from my workout.  Even if the session wasn't what I hoped for I still took time to digest what was going on, take inventory of what I was experiencing right now, and especially if it was a pleasant practice it lasted throughout my day where as when I was too rushed for Savasana it didn't last and was forgotten quickly.   It only takes 5 minutes and it really does go by so quickly.  

  I was looking for quotes to put here and this one came up and I think its brilliant.  So simple and wise. 

 "I believe in pink.  I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.  I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.  I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.  I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." 
~Audrey Hepburn~

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