Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayer Twist and Don't Panic

I couldn't find a quote today that was "just right".  Nothing fit and I spent a super long time today looking.  So here is my favorite old standby quote.

~Douglas Adama Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy~

  Week one opened up my heart and focused on compassion. Compassion for myself as well as others.  Week two was all about digging into the emotional steamer trunk that is my hips.  Letting go of emotional baggage and freeing myself from it.   Now its time to cleanse and detox.  Wash away the grime and funk that sat around way too long.   There is still more and its a life long chore but Ive started and starting is often the scariest part.

   Today's pose was Parivrtta Utkatasana or Prayer Twist.  Its also known as Revolved Chair Pose.
 I really like twisting poses.  Its like wringing out the muscles of the torso like a dirty rag.  That description was used today and it fit how I feel about them perfectly!   I like the affect they have on my digestive system.  I take an iron supplement and it can be.. um...binding, so poses that aid in....movement,  are awesome!  I also love how it makes my spine feel.  The back bends leave me feeling sore on the days and the twists wring the soreness right out.

  The combination of balance and twisting together is interesting in that its complicated yet relaxing at the same time.  I would go into chair pose and just as I was starting to twist my balance would waiver and then the awesomeness of the twist would take the focus and I would forget that I was loosing my balance in the first place.  So many parts of your body pointed and facing in different directions yet balanced an in harmony.

  I was feeling like I was coming down with a bug today and I was tired and run down but needed to move for just a little bit, get the blood flowing.    I decided to do a few Sun Salutations and take photos for the challenges of the day but take it very easy.   I also know that I have dredged up emotions during the hip opening week and I think it was weighing me down a bit.  As soon as I got into the Prayer Twist I felt amazing!   It was a shock.   My lats felt renewed and refreshed.  It was like a cool glass of lemon water on a hot day.   Not the intense sensation I was expecting but entirely welcomed.

  Yoga is much like running in that some days I feel fantastic and on other days doing the same distance I feel like my wagon is draggin.  Some days you feel crappy and then a pose comes along and offers up relief unexpectedly like smelling fresh laundry or BBQ on a run that you were dreading until that moment.

Angie Bee


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