Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mars will never be the same!

I am so proud of those brilliant, wonderful, clever human beings at The Jet Propultion Laboratory. I waited and watched the live feed with a quick paced heartbeat. The tension was delishous as we sit on the other side of success.

Jaymon and I have been watching Mars shows all day and little Archimedes (4) has come and watched with us off and on. Jaymon sat the little boys down to tell them what was going on with the Rover and Archimedes said "oh, Mars. that's the red one". yes my son it's the beautiful red one. My planet. I am a fiery Aires with Mars as my guide and after today I will look up and think of that Rover called Curiosity plugging along collecting data...

The Curiosity Rover landed in the Gale crater and we have already seen two photos.

we can see the surface, horizon, and a back wheel of Curiosity.

In this photo we see the shadow of Curiosity on the surface. She did it! she made it and all of the intricate maneuvers were executed perfectly.

They nailed it and now let the exploration begin.

I truly hope that this will increase the interest and desire of the American people to explore and learn. Watching the live feed was incredible and I feel as though I witnessed a significant part of history tonight.

As our nation gives each other high fives tomorrow and we renew our love of space exploration we know that we have hottie geeks like these to help us out!

Rock on Curiosity and well done JPL!


Angie Bee

Keep up to date on Curiosity's Roving


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