Saturday, June 2, 2012

VFF Kid Sprints, Pleurisy, learning, and GU Winner

  I just posted a review of the Vibram Five Finger Kid Sprints over at my review blog, BAB's Reviews.  I am a strong believer in letting kids go barefoot as much as possible to strengthen and let their feet grow and move the way they were meant to and wear minimal shoes when shoes are called for.   My boys are diggin' their bright blue gecko shoes!  I think you parents will like this one for sure.  Pictures and video of Milo (6) and Archimedes (4) saying what they like about their new shoes.  I like the Sprints the best because of the ease of getting little piggies into the toe pockets.

  Also I would love to link up the giveaways that you are running on your blog too.   If you have giveaways linked up on your sidebar, let me know that too.  As for my own giveaways go, the winner of the GU giveaway is Lucky number 10 which was Kim!  I just emailed you Kim and hope to hear back soon!

  I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  I had a rough day Friday.  I spent the afternoon in the hospital for chest and shoulder pain and learned that I have Pleurisy, which is an irritation or infection of the lining between the lungs and rib cage that can mimic heart and breathing problems.  Its a viral infection and something to just wait out.  This is fantastic in that I have no blood clots and my heart looked great which is what they were most worried about.   So,still in pain but not in fear.  That I can totally handle and it sheds some light on some of the mystery of the last year.  The fear is the worst.  

  I broke down crying several times after hearing the doctors giving news to other people and knowing that they were all afraid and feeling fear like I was.  The empathy was horrible and enlightening.  I finally asked Jaymon to close the door so I couldn't hear the other people any more.  Those moments of feeling human and mortal will stick with me for a long while I think.

  Also to get the bad news out there, our lovely duck Alphonse is gone.  I feel like a terrible person and mother.  It was a total accident but it was my fault that the cage was left open.  RIP Alphonse the duck.  You were much loved.  Thankfully the boys are all cool with it and I am the only one that is still upset about it.  I can handle that too.  The upside is that I am again in touch with having patience when others screw up as I hope that others have for me when I screw up.

RIP Alphonse the duck.

  Today has been a chill out day with trampoline jumping, vitamin D making, fishing, and Futurama. All is well.

My oldest spawn Samson after a fishing derby this morning

Little Archimedes and momma hanging out watching Futurama together.

Angie Bee


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