Monday, April 16, 2012

Pizza and those tapes played in the tape deck

  You probably want to hear how the coaching session went this early afternoon.   It was good.  Perfect weather, I practiced letting the exercises and drills work their magic without my words and confusing blah blah blah explanations screw it all up.  My client was eager and open to new ways of doing things.  Injuries will do that to a person.  She has nothing to loose and all to gain.  I like that.  It makes me hopeful.

  Now home and feeling my cold in full force.  Gah.  I sound like Dr. Girlfriend (Dr. Mrs. The Monarch) from Venture brothers.  Something to laugh at in the face of nasty germs.  My six year old, Milo, keeps asking if his white blood cells have fought off all his cold germs yet.  Love that kid!

  It's been a mixed stew of inspiration the last few days. I like being in a creative state.  Between music, random social media links, and talking to my super hero I have lots to think about.  I came home from coaching and thought I would make pizza.  I have been eating lots of veggies and greens and although I am not vegan today since I ate a cheese sandwich, I certainly am feeling pretty fine eating mostly whole foods and meat rarely now.

   I have been inspired by Pat Sweeney to try new hot sauces and making my own pizza loaded with veggies.  Congrats on running Boston today btw Sweeney. Boston, lots of friends sloggin through the heat today.  I digress.   Actually this whole post is a meandering blurb of digression.  Progression to not getting the dough rising yet.  BUT I am hopefully passing on the inspiration of music, food, and funny TV.  So there is that.

hoping my pie comes out looking somewhat like this with more veggies...
  So, I sit down to find a pizza dough recipe  and end up blogging instead.  I turn on my playlist and one thought leads to another and I listen to Soul Coughing. Still haven't found the recipe yet.... Jaymon and I had Soul Coughing's Ruby Vroom and/or Irresistible Bliss playing in the tape deck of my periwinkle blue Ford Aspire for well over a year.  We took a road trip to California in the winter of 1996.  We left just before midnight on new years eve.    Soul Coughing was our sound track.  The tapes played and played and just flipped to the next side over and over.

  The song True Dreams of Wichita was a particular favorite for these two youngens from Kansas just north of Wichita.  The tornadoes in Kansas near Wichita over this last weekend meant lots of positive vibes sent to Kansas and facebook chatter with old friends.   Of course this song was sung in my head and came up again today.  Off to finally get that dough started.....

What has inspired you lately?
What tape was your soundtrack?
What songs come up at the perfect moment on your current playlist?
Whatcha eating lately?

Angie Bee


Junk Miler said...

I love Soul Coughing. True Dreams of Wichita is one of my favorites.

Have you heard of the Barr Brothers? You'd like them.

Unknown said...

I have not heard of them and now I am excited to check them out!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Check out this blog for some athletic inspiration and a pizza recipe that changed my life:

The Green Girl said...

Love the randomness.

Hope your cold eases up and you feel better soon, girl. ::hugs::

Kathy said...

Soul Coughing? That's a new one by me! Gorgeous pizza - pepper and greens look SO yummy!

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