Monday, December 19, 2011

Where would you go?

I love jeans, sweatshirts or sweaters, boots, hats, and all the cute cool weather clothing.  I don't however like being encumbered by layers. 
This time of year I daydream of warmer places as the hell that is a typical Iowa January/February inches closer.

Don't let this photo fool you. It was taken this weekend while we took the boys tubing at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park where the snow is made and it was  too hot in the coat and layers in the warm sun.  We had a blast by the way and the communication opportunities for Jupiter were awesome and little Milo was independent and brave.

 This weekends weather was a tease. I just know it.  It was a cruel trick, although non the less appreciated.  Granted it has been tolerable and dare I say it,  a nice winter so far but there have been stupid cold days of daydreaming in blues and greens of places that we could move to that would offer a Mediterranean climate.
  yes Iowa is beautiful and the weather can be lovely and in fact is for most of the year.  It's those days of single digits that get me.  We took the boys on Sunday to the creek to fossil hunt and throw rocks and I felt the complacency creep in and take hold.  The belief that maybe this year won't be so bad....maybe it won't....

   We have tried many if not all of the autism programs here in Des Moines for Jupiter.  That's why we moved here at the advice of our autism consultant we worked with in Kansas who moved to Des Moines.  Some of the programs have been life changers and some, meh, but we tried.   It seems as though, in my mind, that it is coming close to a time when we could try something new.  I've got the travel bug and usually do this time of year.  I am not a tough it out in the winter kind of girl.  There is no shame in running away from this battle!

  If there were lots of green to offset clouds and rain in winter I think I could hang but with damp comes mold.  Will that be an issue?  Every place will have pros and cons.  I would love to take some trips to check out some places.  Hey Amtrak, want to sponsor my families trip?  I would blog about our adventures!

  So far in my Google Earth trips, image and wiki scouring , and forum hopping I am always drawn back to the west coast.  I grew up in Northern California so it's in my soul,  that smell of the redwoods and salt air.  California is expensive though so that makes a difference but Santa Rosa as well as Monterey look awfully good, minus the seismic activity, but oh that coastline is sublime.

What I want are as follows
  • Wet winter and not too cold. Preferably in the upper 30s and 40s for most of winter
  • Dry summer
  • Lots of green
  • Liberal
  • Artsy
  • Near bigger cities but not too close
  • Not far from the coast
  • Reasonable cost of living
  If you could move your family anywhere, where would you go?

Angie Bee

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