Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things of 2011

  These are a few of my favorite things.....I remember singing that song in vocal class in Junior High.....and really enjoying myself.  Oh to rock a short hair do and have an accent, voice, and body like Julie Andrews!   I still know most of the words although I absolutely do not sound as good, I can carry a tune.  So for the background music while you read this blog list of some of favorite things for this year, click here! 

  What is not to love about running skirts?  I have yet to find anything to put on the con list.  I try to be a critic and be aware of the negatives.  The only one that comes to mind is the price.  I wish that they were half the price so I could justify more than the ones I have since I love them all.  
The lovely sisters Cindy and Christy sent me a pair of rockin' purple arm sleeves and a matching skirt to test out.  I already knew I loved Running Skirts but I did find that there is an added pocket now and I have drooled and dreamed about the stellar patterns and colors in the fall/winter collection.

  The skirt has a pair of briefs in them.  It may seem taboo to mention  however it should be noted that one of the best things about running skirts (any running skirt with the sewn in briefs)  is the ability to pee quickly.  Yep, it is a big deal especially when there is no porta-potty in sight and when you gotta go you gotta go. Just slip the briefs to the side and go.  No ass exposure necessary.

  The skirts are also uber comfortable.  The waistband is soft and stretchy and the skirt has a pocket in the back as well as one at each of the hips.  Running skirts move with you.  They don't hinder motion in any way and they look great doing it.  No more balloon butt shorts that look like they should be on a dude.  Its important to feel attractive when running.   I even wear mine in the cooler months with a pair of tights.

  Arm sleeves are such a clever invention.  Running Skirts Sleeves have a fabulous design in that they have a thumb hole.  They also have a small pocket on each sleeve for a phone, mp3 player, or maybe some gels and they do keep my arms very warm.   I must admit that arm sleeves look kinda silly worn with a tank top.  However I do love them with a t-shirt in cooler weather.  So freakin easy to moderate body temperature with arm sleeves!

 Little Miss Matched sent me two sets of leg warmers and a set of toe socks.  Their products come in threes and none of them match exactly but their missmatchedness is perfectly matched!  They have girls and women's sizes available.
They add some sass to the wardrobe as well as warmth.

 They tighten at the top and surprisingly the fluffy bouncy balls didn't drive me crazy like I thought they would. I don't even notice them when running.

They also look good with a running skirt and work great to barefoot run in!

Little Miss Matched also has some fun colorful men's socks as well as socks for toddlers.  All lengths and styles available.

These are the fun toe socks I get to rock!  Knee high, fun, and functional.

  So, there have been a few things to put on.  Now to talk about putting in....get your mind outta the gutter!  The sex toy reviews will be later on down the I kidding or not??  I digress....
I do have some sweetness to talk about though in the form of Honey Stinger!  As you can tell from my name I am rather fond of bees.  My middle name is Bee actually.   This spring I am planning to get a couple of hives to be the guardian of so I can gorge myself on honey every day!  Until then  I am eating Honey Stinger gels and chews.  I am still a fan of GU mind you but how can one resist honey :)
Strawberry and Ginsting flavors have caffeine from Kola nut extract.   I tried the Chocolate, Strawberry, and Ginsting.  These gels can be eaten right out of the package or mixed with liquids for flavored drinks.  They have 120 calories electrolytes, B vitamins, and 85% honey.   So far no GI distress and they work great when I find myself out in the world and about to loose my cool from low blood sugar and stress from kid wrangling.  I  keep a Honey Stinger gel in my purse for those times of crankiness.

  I got to try the Pink Lemonade, Limeade, and Orange Blossom energy chews.  The Lime-ade has caffeine from white tea extract.  They are nice and soft and easy to chew on the run.  I didn't worry too much about inhaling a chew while running as they break down and chew so easily.   There is an art to chewing, breathing, and running and these chews make it pretty easy.
These both would fit in those cute little pockets in your arm sleeves and running skirt!

woo! That's a moutful!
I love flip flops in the summer time.  I try to prolong the wear with toe socks and just grinning and bearing cold feet.  With these the feeling can go on even longer. They are like flip flops without the flip and flop!
 I do believe that bareshoes  (the newly coined term for minimal shoes by Barefoot Josh) should be light and flexible and ideally should give you great ground feel.  Well the Teva Mush Frio's are pretty squishy so not great ground feel BUT oh so comfy.  The insole can be removed pretty easily although they are not made to be taken out. 

They mold to my feet and are stretchy and cute.  Gotta love some sexy toe cleavage in the summer time!
They weigh in at just shy of 4 ounces and are flexible and allow for natural movement of the foot.

They are great for every day use and after that long barefoot run when the feet are tired and needing some comfort. 
They look cute with a RunningSkirt, leg warmers, and arm sleeves while eating some Honey Stinger!
I wonder what 2012's list will look like???......


Anonymous said...

Ok, you've got the cutest stuff ever!!!!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love this list! Love the leg warmers!!!

And my friend, Marty is the ultra running skirt wearing "pee" queen. She "enlightened" me on how valuable wearing a running skirt for an ultra is!

Unknown said...

I don't for one nanosecond take for granted the sweet gig that is being a gear critic for my blog!

Junk Miler said...

Bareshoe! This Josh guy is a genius!

Unknown said...

totally! I still get pissy thinking about Zems not compensating you for the slogan they used of yours. I have an inkling that it pisses me off more than you even :)

Junk Miler said...

Well, if you're pissed off at all, you're more pissed off than me. I got a funny blog post out of it, that's all I care about.

Unknown said...

well that's good that you are not mad about it. Its just fun to be pissed on your behalf :)

Tina said...

Holy slew of reviews! Beautiful job! And such cool stuff to review.

Unknown said...

Thank you dear! I had to do something to cut the work down. Was getting a little overwhelmed. Still lots to get done.
Now to work on a certain Bio.... :)

coach dion said...

My wife also loves her running skirts and I think she is going to be living in them through our summer running or not...

little story for you, I work, so I need work shoes, but I don't like big heavy things, or pointy shiney things... so I've been looking for some 'barefoot' work shoes, and I've just found a pair of "Froggie" shoes and they are great. There just isn't the choice for men.

Sally said...

Great post!! I need to try the honey stingers! I LOVE running skirts too!Thanks for sharing!

Mike said...

"Just slip the briefs to the side and go. No ass exposure necessary."

In another context, that is totally hot.

Suz and Allan said...

Great list Angie! I haven't tried the Honey Stingers yet but I think I will.

Nikki Kendall said...

Cute gear!

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