Monday, November 21, 2011

An orgasm a day

Why is it when we see those lists about ways to reduce stress we don't see orgasm on there?
In my quest to heal myself I have learned many things. First off my illnesses stem directly from my inability to deal with stress effectively. I stuff it instead of letting it go. It festers and changes me from the inside out. In fact if I would have stuffed something else wink wink I would have had the added hormonal help to cope with said stress.

So what do I do for stress relief? Well I can't run every day and I can't run any time I want so although it's a great stress reliever on many levels it's not enough. There needs to be balance and many back up plans.
In no certain order of course.....

- Keep the flora friends happy. I drink kefir and kombucha. An angry painful digestive system is stress inducing. keeping my bacteria friends happy keeps me happy. I also eat a diet that is low in processed foods. yeah this one is always on "those" lists but for good reason. It works.

- I talk to my superhero husband. This one is hard for me. I assume too much and share too little and it has to change. Calmly talking and not just about the things that stress me but because I need to nurture our relationship.

- Swear like a sailor. This blogging thing takes up much of my life in that it fills my mind with so many what ifs. I have stacks of reviews and feel like I am not free to say penis on here whenever I want because I am in some imagined barefoot rat race.....fuck it. it's my blog. I have forgotten what is important to me. An eff bomb keeps the urge to throw things at bay.

-play with the spawn. Taking care of others is a sure fire way to happiness. I am not religious and yet it has nothing to do with religion just humanity. A smile or hug or a book read will make both parties happy. Two for one.

- I do yoga. Nothing formal and I so wish that I could go to a class a couple of times a week (i have never even been to a yoga class other than the y when the lady was teaching out of a book in front of her.....) but for now it's my living room and swinging
on the monkey rings to add to the stretch.

-ORGASM EVERY DAY. shocking? It shouldn't be but I will have to go squeeze one off again after writing this just to deal with the stress of talking about orgasm! Jeesh.
Thank you mother and church for the heaping dose of guilt but I am rising above the guilt one naughty thought at a time and my mind has transcended the smallish thinking to embrace my humanity. Whether with my love or alone every day it is and I am working to embrace this. we joke openly about men rubbing one off but not a peep about the ladies. why is that? It's a complicated societal issue that regardless of the answer as to why, is assinine.

check this video out if you need some added weight to the argument that an orgasm a day keeps the stress away. Oxygenation of the brain and a squirt of oxytocin? Yes please!

Don't worry it's not porn (unless you are a geek of course)but a video titled A Brain Symphony and is MRI imaging of a female brain during orgasm. Every region of the brain is lit up with activity!

You know what to go do now.....

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