Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RocketDog boots review

  The Alpine Stary Night slipper boot is actually a pair of slippers with a nice rubber sole on them.  They also come in black. I love to wear them without socks and I also really like that they are great house shoes.  I am absolutely not one to wear pajama pants out and about.  Why would you when yoga pants are even better and don't necessarily scream slob....sorry but I hate pajama pants....not offense to those comfort seekers out there but hey that's just what I think.  Regardless of my harsh pajama bottom wearer opinion, it is convenient to just walk out the door with my house shoes on and not look like I have slippers on.

  What I like the most is that the sole is flat and they are wide.  I don't know how much proprioceptive feedback one can get from any kind of  boots however the next items on the list of things to look for are protection from the elements and natural movement of the foot.  These will keep your feet warm while letting your feet move the way they were meant to.   Don't wear them out in inclement or wet weather though.
The Alpine Stary Nights slipper boot goes for $49.

These boots are fashionable and yet they don't have a heel. Being a flat shoe means that your posture will not be thrown out of whack by your footwear.
   They have a soft cotton footbed, fleece lining, and a rubber sole. They also come in a pretty shade of brown called Indian Sun.

They are quite flexible although its hard to roll up a boot when the shaft gets in the way but you get the idea.
The Wonders Washed Courderoy are priced at $59.

So, neither of the boots are designed specifically as minimal shoes however they meet enough criteria to be considered minimal.  I dig wearing them any time my tootsies get cold and don't have to worry about watching my posture.



Jennifer said...

The Alpine Stary Night Boots look so cozy! I may have to pick up a pair as well. Thanks for the info.

Unknown said...

Hmm... minimalist boots. Cool.

Akuma Cheng said...

kool boots!

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