Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snorg Tees review and Giveaway!

 My day started with putting on my awesome SnorgTees hoodie.  They sent me one to test out and I couldn't be happier with it.   The green is a stellar color and gives my skin tone a nice alive look.  I am so pale most of the time that blue tends to make me look rather, well,  blue so its a nice change to wear the lively Kelly Green.

"I lost an electron".  "Are you positive?"
  So today was block class for Samson and Milo.  That means that I drop them off with the other homeschoolers and they work on projects and learn together once a week.  Sammo is playing Little John in the play his group is working on and Milo learned about his brain, heart, lungs, and guts.  He had a cute song to go with it!

  During this time I get to hang with my littlest spawn Archimedes.  He is 3 1/2.  He is a different kind of kid when its just him and I.  He is mellow and can think straight without the stress and intensity of interacting with older brothers.

  Today we went downtown.  Downtown Des Moines is a really lovely city.  The library is quite fantastic and we park in the underground parking and take the elevator up.  I love that this is still such a big deal to Medes.  Hell I still love to push the button and ride the elevator.

  We walked over to an outdoor market and he bought some honey and honey sticks and made sure to buy some for his best buddy Milo.  They fight but love each other just as intensely.  After the market we walked back to the library and decided to stop at the coffee shop.  We were given flowers by some ladies who were giving them out for Alzheimers awareness.  An old hippy guy played Archimedes a song on his guitar and although Medes was shy he spoke animatedly about wanting a guitar of his very own when we were sitting inside the shop.

  We took our coffee into the library and played and browsed.   I got books on Bee Keeping, Wild activities for kids, Drawing for both fashion and Manga, and best of all a book called  Doctor Who and Philosophy.  How cool is that!    If I would have gotten a t-shirt instead of a hoodie I would have chosen this one!  You fellow Whovians will appreciate this!

  I seriously have to stop myself from looking at the SnorgTees site because there are just too many favorites. Thank the goddess I no longer have a credit card!!!

  Archimedes and I  ended the afternoon collecting acorns and again his kind little heart had to get some acorns for Milo :)  A fabulous autumn day.  Was it in part due to the lucky hoodie......I definitely think so!   When you have on clothes that are uber comfy, a good color, and make you smile, its sure to add to the quality of the day.

  Want to win a T-Shirt from SnorgTees?   They are giving a Tee to one of you lucky readers!

Here are the rules:
As always each comment counts as an entry into the giveaway.  Do as many or few as you choose just leave a separate comment for each thing you do.

  • Follow this blog
  • like SnorgTees on facebook
  • Go to the Snorg Tees site and tell me which one you like the best
  • blog, tweet, facebook, ect and make sure to leave a separate comment for each
The giveaway will run until Wednesday September 28th!

  On the way home from our lovely afternoon downtown  we rocked out to Weezer when they came on the radio!

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