Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Iowa Chapter Barefoot Runners Society Meetup July

  On Saturday July 30th myself and 5 other people met at Mullets Bar and Grill for an Iowa Chapter Barefoot Runners Socitey Meetup.  Mullets is across from downtown and along the paved bike trails.  The trails here in Des Moines are wonderful.   The trail we took runs along the river for a bit and then curves off towards Grays Lake about half mile away.

Jon, Angie, Dama, Jaymon, Nate, Forey

  I must confess right away that I am an ass for not charging my camera.  I am still kicking myself  for it but Forey, one of our barefoot runners an a barefoot icon here in Des Moines, had his camera charged enough for two photos and Dama's husband Chuck took a couple with his phone so its all good. (Thank you Chuck and Forey :)  I have learned my camera charging lesson for sure!

I am running in front of Jaymon.  You can see my right foot! haha!
  We ran to Grays lake and then a loop around the lake which is just shy of two miles.  We stopped to watch each others form and chat with curious folks wanting to know why we were barefoot running.  I think we may have some converts!  Jon and Nate ran, to date, their highest barefoot distance and did really well.   It was great to learn from each other and we all seem to be addicted to analyzing peoples form as they pass.  It's fun to check out the bottom of each others feet and compare and share stories.  We have a great group here so come join us Iowans!!

  It started to get warm on the way back but right when it was a little too warm we had made our way back to Mullets and Chuck had glasses of ice water for us all.  Jaymon and I couldn't stay for food at Mullets afterwards since we had to get back home to our spawn but hopefully next time we will be able to stay and chat.  From what I hear it was a good time had by all!

If you haven't already, go check out the Barefoot Runners Society.  There are forums to meet people and chapter pages for your state.  Here is the link to the Iowa Chapter of which I am the president,so ask any questions that you like of me. Come join us!

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