Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hug like Michelle Obama.
Hug like you mean it.
Hug with your hips in, face in their neck and wrap your arms all the way around and squeeze.
Make the other person grunt when you squeeze if you have to.  It will make them giggle.  Just hope they don't fart a bit.
I remember when I was little my mom used to sing the Paul Simon song Loves Me Like a Rock.
When my little spawn ask for a hug I get down on my knees to hug them.

To all of you that have sent me well wishes and sent good vibes my way, thank you!   I really appreciate it.  I do.  I have made many lovely friends through this whole blogging gig and am better for it.
Consider yourself hugged :)

Tomorrow I go to another doctor to ask more questions.   I am very happy to report that through yoga and relaxation techniques I am able to reduce and even get rid of the angina.  Its tough and wears me out to work so hard at changing my mind but it is helping and I don't feel so lost.

I don't know that this is the end of this heart thing but I am hopeful that I can get it figured out.
Lots of shoe reviews to get caught up on in the mean time.

Oh and Ladies, have your iron checked!  Been feeling sluggish lately?  It's just a blood test.  No big deal but have it checked especially if you run.  Check out Iris's post about it.


Anonymous said...

Generating good thoughts in your direction!

kaioslider said...

And more positive thoughts in your direction. Best :)

Laurie said...

Ooh, hugs are so great. How could they ban hugs?! Lots of hugs back at ya... :)

Anonymous said...

Reminds of when my aunt used to tell me she wanted to squeeze the poop out of me. I recall thinking about it fondly but with bad mental image. Makes me laugh today.

U shld talk to your docs about this


Dr McDougall also writes a lot about treating angina w surgery, and has a program to help you decide whether its necessary.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I should have said notbtreating angina w surgery

MCM Mama said...

{HUGS} back at you. Sending lots of relaxing and positive thoughts your way.

Unknown said...

Sending virtual hugs to you!

In all honesty, I get very awkward with hugs -- but I am getting better!

To Anonymous above: Dr. McDougall is great!

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