Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm a Hobby Jogga!

I am now an official member of  the club and I have the jacket to prove it!

Shelly Robillard is such a cool chic!   I was totally coveting the Hobby Jogga hoodies that the Michigan Crew had at Mind the Ducks and look what came in the mail today!  The blue is heavenly and the gold SPARKLES!  The fit is perfect and it has been chilly today so crazy as it sounds I am wearing a hoodie in the middle of June after the rain storms today.

So not only did she send the jacket...

  but she sent a Barefoot Running University t-shirt and stickers!  I have been online friends with Jason, Shelly's husband, since early summer of 2009 when we hung out on Runners World Barefoot Running forum. We made some great friends that first summer on that forum!  So much has happened since then and we have grown much as barefoot runners.    Jason has written a barefoot running how to book as well as running the Barefoot Running University website and their family is planning huge adventures this year. Over those years I have become good friends with Shelly as well. We seem to have a lot in commom in our outlooks and the way we take care of our families. 
I was so happy to get to meet them both in person at Mind the Ducks.  I hope that through their travels they will be able to swing their RV down this way to let our kiddos all hang out while we catch up with each other.

Thank You Shelly and Jason!


KovasP said...

Oooh, sparkly.

Richelle said...

Sweet hoodie!

Anonymous said...

Awesome friends you've got in addition to that cute hoodie!

Johann said...

Really cool!

ShellBell said...

You look so good in blue! I have the best friends!!! Thank you, Angie!

Jen said...

What a great sweatshirt and t-shirt! It's great to meet online friends in person. And love your hair in that french braid!

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