Tuesday, June 21, 2011

giving the dead something to talk about

  If you don't know already, I love to run in the cemetery.  Its peaceful and quiet with very little traffic. Just enough creep factor to make it interesting and surreal and hardly ever another living soul there. This time of year it iss awash with green.  The hills get my blood pumping and the view from the top is worth every heartbeat.

 We ran up and down the big hill five times and when we were thinking it was time to take on the lesser grade hills we decided to sprint up the grassy hill with no gravestones on one side with a top covered in very old Oak trees.  I stayed behind Jaymon taking pictures.  We were barefoot the whole way and he wears a kilt. Its one of the SportKilts that is fastened with velcro.

  I was feeling the sweetness of it being the longest day of the year and the endorphins were flowing on this lovely Solstice.  I was sweating and loving it.  So when Jaymon takes off his shirt I thought that finally, finally he was feeling the heat like I was. I had already pulled up my tank to get some air on my stomach.

Then I heard it.... The ripping sound that made my jaw drop and the laughter flow.  Off came the kilt and a big buff and equally pale scottsman was bookin up the lushous green hill in all his glory.
 Mark streaking off my bucket list. Here I thought barefoot was liberating. So for a lap or two up the grassy hill  my clothes made friends with the grass and my body became one with the twilight and I let my moon shine. That man of mine can inspire me to find happiness in only ways a best friend can.  There is nothing like summer time.  There is nothing like being a barefoot runner. There is nothing like a barefoot streak.  There is nothing like loving your best friend.

  Tonight the dead were either rolling over in their graves or straining to get a better look.  Either way its more excitement than they or I have had in a good long while.
Ran smiley at both ends!
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