Thursday, June 2, 2011

Freakin hot barefoot running

The roads were not hot enough to burn the feet at six in the evening however the heat radiating back at me that was soaked in from the rest of the day was like an oven.

Jaymon had to remind me of this although its not hard to remember those nasty cold winter runs and the heat is like a hug instead of a slap in the face. 
First shirtless run of the season.  Even Jaymon was feeling the heat running in his kilt and large hat shirtless of course and barefoot.
what the hell is the kid doing in the background??  He is not supposed to be on that fence. ggrr!

Ladies....are you listening....?  I highly recommend getting your body or your mind or both to a point that when it gets so hot that you want to rip your shirt off and just run in your skirt and bra you CAN without being stressed out about how you look.  There is nothing like running as close to bare as possible in the summer.  Besides its getting to be too flippin hot to be modest when the miles matter more.

My new faves Grape and Strawberry Lemonade.
I went through three bottles of nuun on a three mile run.  I even dumped some on myself to cool off.  Love that it has no sugar!
And when your done drink more nuun.  It will help keep the cramps away after you stop.

And I can't forget those sweet flips for the tired barefoot runnin feet!

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