Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mind the Ducks 12 hour recap

  I ran Mind the Ducks after a week spent in NYC at a barefoot running coaching class where I  stuffed my mind with new ideas and perspectives and doing a huge amount of walking around NYC. So I came into this race tired and with very low expectations of myself. To make up for it I wore a tutu with some friends!
  As soon as I decided that I was going make my VIVOBAREFOOT coaching class the priority of my travels, Mind the Ducks miles were put on the back burner and I anticipated only being able to do 15 or so miles since that is the longest run I had done prior.  I had some higher mileage weeks but didn't think I was ready for anything more than that. 
Shacky and Vanessa (both online friends that I was so lucky to meet in person) picked me up the night before at the train station.  The recliner in the hotel room was fabulous and I slept like a baby.  We arrived at the race start a tad bit late having programed the wrong address into the GPS.  Despite the blue tutu, (Shacky and Vanessa both wore tutus as well.  Vanessa wore hers the whole race!) I couldn't seem to get my groove on.  Clothing changes and bathroom issues made for a rough start to the race.  I didn't run with music however Shelley Viggiano, the race director, had an excellent playlist.  When I was feeling really down I came around the corner to the headquarters tent and Florence and the Machine's Dog Days are Over came on and I was stoked for the rest of the race.  It was exactly the song to hear at that moment.  Funny how that happens sometimes. 
"The dog days are over
The dog days are done
The horses are coming so you better run

Run fast for your mother run fast for your father
Run for your children for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind you
Can't carry it with you if you want to survive

The dog days are over
The dog days are done
Can you hear the horses
Cuz here they come"
  What is Mind the Ducks you might ask....its a 12 hour timed race where you put in as many miles as you can and or want to in 12 hours.  Its a half mile loop around the most lovely tree lined, duck infested lake.  Some think that a looped course is boring and monotonous.  I thought this loop was perfect.  It was the right distance that you could always convince yourself to go around just one more time.  
  I started the race barefoot and after about 4 miles I conceded that  if I wanted to put in more than 10 or so miles I would have to put on some shoes. The path was just too rough.  I  decided to gamble and try the VIVOBAREFOOT Neos for the remainder of the miles and they worked beautifully.  A proper review will be written later.  This shoe was yet another pleasant surprise for the day in that wearing a brand new pair of shoes for 32 miles is not always a really bad idea!  
keeping up with Jesse Scott and Mark Robillard for a while was tough but it really seemed to work out any kinks I had.  Another surprise of the day, faster is sometimes easier.
The middle part.....I ran.. I talked while I ran. I listened. I ran.  I ate... I walked and it hurt so I ran some more....It rained and I liked it.... I ran..... I was tired but still I ran...
  I thought I was done at 32 miles and was sitting with the Robillards chatting.  I have known Shelly and Jason Robillard for a couple of years now online and even though we only met that day in person it seemed like seeing old friends. I soon discovered that after I sat for a while, walking to the porta-potty hurt less than sitting.   I even changed into dry clothes but I still kept looking down at that timing chip.......  Shelley Viggiano the race director said that I should walk and that I would regret sitting as it would make me stiff and sore. (thank you Shelley V) 
  I took her advice and again was surprised at how walking was better than sitting yet running was better than walking.  Not long before I decide to get up and go I heard The Cave by Mumford and Sons and it made me think of Kitty who was not able to come to the race because she decided to spend the money on an iPad for her son with autism.  I have a special bond with her since we both have fellas with autism and I would have done the same thing in a heart beat.  After I heard that song, I got up and ran another 6 miles and some change with a smile on my face.  
   Before the last lap, I slowed down and stopped and looked at the clock right  wrestling with the idea of having enough time to squeeze in one more lap.  Others were finishing and congratulating each other.  As I debated I looked at Shelly Robillard and she smiled and said "go, you have time, go". (thank you Shelly)   So I did and I ran as fast as I could make myself without hurling.  I was the last to come in at 11:59:43.  That last loop was one of the best for me.  It made 38.89 miles!  I didn't know I had that in me. Any of it. Now I do and again my perspective has changed.
  Recovery was a breeze.  At the after party/ awards dinner The Robillards and Shelley V were telling me what to expect in recovery and what was normal.  I was thinking that I would have to contend with painful swelling, bloating, and mild fever and yet I slept again like a baby after taking three ibuprofen and only had minor swelling in my feet and a good kind of soreness that comes from doing work.
  I hung out with the Viggiano's the next day and then caught my train that would take me home.   My heart ached for my soul mate and my spawn and I was ready to be home.  
  I am already thinking of next year.....

Some side notes-
 ~The above links are those of fellow runners recaps.
~Mind the Ducks results and links for a huge amount of photos!!
 ~I ate Salt Potatoes which are a Rochester Specialty.  Basically little white potatoes boiled in salt water although one would think there is some magic in the mix.  I also ate blue corn tortilla chips, apple sauce and chia seeds, gummy worms, gummy bears, sweedish fish, turkey deli meat, a little hummus and lot and lots of Strawberry Lemonade nuun

VIVOBAREFOOT COACHING CREW......I think my form changed.....accept for that really tired bit at the end!
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