Thursday, February 10, 2011

No running, computer issues galore, and a crushed kid finger

   I have been tested by the universe in my patience and perseverance. I keep in mind that this time of year is hard to find things to write about since I feel the daily effort to keep from succumbing to the winter blues.  I have to constantly remind myself that I need to be kind to myself and that winter stress this time of year should not be taken lightly and blown off.
Very cold beautiful Des Moines
  I have not been running.  There are three reasons for this lack of movement. #1 Its been very very cold outside.  Deceptively so in that the sun may be shining at 3 degrees.  #2 We have been having computer issues out the wazoo including the exercise areas computer which is also my netbook I take with me when out.
  This is frustrating in that we are clever computer savvy people and it seems like one thing after another keeps bleeping messing up.  The 3rd  excuse explanation is that the rest of life has really gotten in the way.  I think that by running my stress levels would be lower but I have been too weary to make it work.  Someone is either getting sick or hurt or there is an appointment to go to.
The good news and what is keeping me smiling now is that it is supposed to be 36 on Saturday!  I love how 36 seems like a heat wave! Spring is coming and it won't be long before I have endless opportunities to wade through all the excess fodder for this RUNNING blog!

  The computer issues extend to my son Jupiter.  He has autism and uses two different communication devices.  At therapy they want me to start putting instructional videos on his "Talkers".  This is something I have figured out in the past however now the formating of the clips have changed and the older software will not allow for the correct player to be used to play the videos.    Hours have been spent trying to figure this out.  I did make enough progress to keep from cussing and swearing at the devices however I still have not been able to get the clips on his talker or his iPod touch so the swearing was downgraded to growling like Marge Simpson.  I am determined to make this work!  

  We have been talking lately about becoming backyard bee keepers this spring.  I have been researching online and reading books from the library.

  Milo crushed his finger two days ago and it became infected and he spent all of last night crying and trying to sleep through the pain even after pain relievers.  Poor little fella. See what I mean,  life has been throwing us curve balls lately. Today we went to the doctor.  The finger had become inflamed, swollen, and infected and finally burst early this morning which relieved the pain and pressure however it is still infected.  He was able to sleep for a few hours.
  He was quite the trooper and was very mellow about the whole experience.  He had his finger X-rayed to rule out a broken bone and was so sweet to ask if he could take a sticker for each of his brothers!
After his appointment we sat at Hy Vee and had coffee and apple juice together and read my bee book and talked about what we saw out the window and the people in the store with us.  We were both tired so the wait was relaxing.  Milo assured me that he would try not to pick too many flowers this year and leave lots for the bees!

Although life is busy, wonderful things are on the way and we have each other to get through the winter.  In comparison this winter is going much much better than the last.  We are progressing instead of just hanging on even though it doesn't always seem that way.

  Coming up I have a raffle in the works to raise money for race entry fees and Easter Seals.  I have a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves, a SportKilt, handmade hats, 3 Road IDs, and more!   Several exciting reviews consisting of a Golite backcountry backpack and the Terra Plana Evo IIs.
I also have started making Kombucha SCOBYS from scratch and will share that process and progress here.

Life is good even though I am cold.

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