Monday, January 10, 2011

Freeze Your Thorns off Virtual 5k recap

This will win for the most boring virtual race report I get a prize for that??
So in classic Angie fashion, I waited until Sunday night to run.   I ran a total of 14 miles on the treadmill in my basement full of self frustration for not running all week.  The anything but boring Adam at I am boring hosted the virtual race.

While I watched Samantha get banged at a gay wedding weekend and Carrie cheat on Big I ran and ran and ran. (Sex and the City 2 for those that don't know about the antics of four friends in New York.)   After that I switched to Angels and Demons and watched the first half.  The book is better although I have always loved Tom Hanks.

   I tried out some compression shorts and wore some ToeSox with nubbies for a review and I timed my 5k at 27 and some change.  My treadmill sporadically keeps distance but it does keep speed so I timed it with my watch.

My run went well and since I was going long I didn't push the 5k but tried to keep it a little faster than a slow crawl!  My heart was happy though as dreams of running skirt and sports bras being soaked in sweat on a hot summer evening when the barbecue smells return.

Until then its training for 50 miles in May and treadmill runs in the basement dreaming of Summer.
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