Sunday, January 30, 2011

Barefoot running talk wore me out

  Yesterday I gave a talk about Barefoot Running at the Healthy Living Expo here in Des Moines.  It was a fun day of connecting with new and old friends alike.  I had a smallish crowd of 15-18 people so easier to just talk with them.   I also had a both for nuun at the event that the hubby maned for me while I was busy being a social butterfly.
  Speaking in front of a group is exhausting.  I am very very glad its over with.  I do believe that the first time is always the scariest and that next time won't be so nerve wracking.  I now have the stupid thing running through my head and thoughts of what I should have/ could have done differently.  I am trusting that I sounded less of a rube than I thought I sounded.

  Friday was my littlest spawn Archimedes Supercell's 3rd Birthday!  Today is my oldest spawn Samson's 11th Birthday.  We have plans to work out together at 3 and then check out the Des Moines Drum Circle at Culture Inc at 6:00.
I am eager to burn off some steam and perk up a bit.
I have a review to write for Cafe Press, doccs to scan and send, a review of Golite, Sportkilt and Terra Plana's Evo II's as well as an email for sponsorship to write. Oh and two packages to ship.  I look forward to my week getting back to normal.....maybe this week I will run :)  We need to come up with a workout area computer solution.  We are experiencing a shortage of computers in the house.

For your viewing pleasure...scaring ducks gets a laugh every time!

He looks just like his father in this photo!  We had a nice 4 mile run Friday.  I wore my Evo IIs for the first time and he wore socks reinforced with duct tape.  I asked him to trim his beard for the expo.  You know, just clean it up a bit but under no circumstances shave it off.....he is now bald and cold.
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