Thursday, December 16, 2010

Treadmill Storm Trooper

Today I ran 8 miles on the treadmill. The depression of winter was getting me down.  Today though, today is the beginning of treadmill season.  I didn't have much choice though. Once you get on, you better finish or Mr. Storm Trooper will shoot you.
  I try not to remember that Storm Troopers tended to be weak minded and easily manipulated.  If really wanted off the treadmill I would just have to wave my hand and tell him to go on coffee break or something but the added incentive having a blaster pointed at me and cool factor of  a Storm Trooper on my treadmill keeps me running.

  After purchasing a set of speakers on sale at Target for the basement I have now accepted that the next few months will be made bearable by running on my treadmill.  Its nice to have the company of the spawn and really its not so bad when there is some good music or shows to watch.
 I am going to try and get up to 1200 miles before the year ends.... I think I can do that!

My speed and endurance have both improved since last years treadmill season.  I was very pleased to notice that I was able to easily run at a faster pace for longer. I felt fit at the end of my 8 miles and to feel that after stepping on the treadmill feeling like a slug was a welcomed surprise.

I found out today that I get to try out a pair of Soft Star Run a mocs!  I look forward trying them out and reviewing them.  This time of year is great for trying out new minimal shoes.  Winter, I will abide.
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