Friday, November 26, 2010

Zensah compression tights review

  I have been wearing Zensah Seamless tights constantly now that its turned cold out.  I was pleased in the fall that after I received them I didn't have to wear them since it stayed warm for a nice couple of months.  I did feel the need to get them tested out though. So despite not liking the cold I am relieved to have found a way to keep my lower half warm!
This was the day we were lost in the woods and were out for an hour longer than anticipated and my legs stayed warm and yes even after we crossed that river in our bare feet!

I wear my sweet tights under my jeans all the time now that it has been staying cooler.  Jeans just are not warm enough alone and layering is key for me to stay warm this time of year. I don't like the bulk that comes with layering however the Zensah tights are very thin and soft.  I did not expect them to keep me as warm as they do.
I wear them with my running skirts when I run and under another pair of pants if its too cold to just run with a skirt and tights.
I don't mind that they go over my belly button when usually this would drive me crazy, the waistline is very comfortable and help keep my belly warm.  I actually prefer now that they do have a higher waistline. It just means more to keep warm!
I wore them under my pants at the Living History Farms race and stayed nice and toasty.   Even after going through 9 icy water crossings I warmed up quickly just by keeping moving and the fabric seemed to wick the water away from my skin.

Today I wore them under a pair of running pants and about cooked  through my whole 10 mile run.  They worked too well and it was 40 degrees out but them kept me nice and dry!
I would recommend the Zensah tights to anyone who wants a base layer for warmth and sweat wicking this winter!   They would be great for the gym or being outside!
Happy Running friends!


Indi said...

I wear the calf sleeves a lot and really love it in the cold too. Will have to check out the tights.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I have one pair of 'no name' tights and live in them once it's cold. I need to beg a pair for christmas!

Groomy said...

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