Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My interview with The Living Barefoot Show link!

A couple of months ago I was approached by Tina Dubois to do an interview with The Living Barefoot Show.
I had heard of the website and was a bit intimidated and humbled and a teensy bit  super frakkin nervous to be on a roster of interviewees the likes of Christopher McDougall, Barefoot Ted, Jason Robillard, Michael Sandler, Dr. Nirenberg, and many other names that make my little (ok kinda big)  bare feet go pitter pat.

  Of course I sucked it up, kicked the family out of the house so Tina and I could have a nice quiet chat on Skype, and talked for what seemed like a much shorter time than it ended up being. The time flew by and Tina assured me that I didn't ramble and I stayed on subject but I must admit I have yet to listen to myself for the full 27 minutes. I trust that they did a great job with the show and that I don't sound like a total rube.  Tina is easy to talk with and even after the interview we talked for quite a bit longer.

 Barefoot running and minimal shoes are all the rage and the hot topics in the running world these days.  I didn't do it for the hype since when I started, the book Born to Run had just come out that week and I was not met with such enthusiasm and excitement from other runners at the site of my bare feet as I am now.   Only a mere 18 months ago I had chronic lower back pain regardless if I was running at that particular moment or just living my day to day life.  I also had painful shin splints that kept me at 15 miles or less per week of running.

  So I started this barefoot running journey that in short has made me a better person in all aspects of my life.  My story so far is told in this interview that I am too nervous to listen to!!  It was also recorded before I ran the Des Moines marathon so I was still training and planning for that. So if you want to know more about lil ol me, then grab a cuppa and sit down for a listen.

Here is more about

The Living Barefoot Show!

The Living Barefoot Show is an exciting podcast exploring the world of, you guessed it, living barefoot. The show hosts, Al Gauthier and Tina Dubois, are dedicated barefooters excited about sharing the multitude of health benefits that can be achieved by experiencing the ground with as little as possible, or nothing at all, between your feet and the ground. The show includes a wide range of topics and personalities: from interviews with businesses that are dedicated to creating healthy products for our feet to exceptional members of the barefooting community, book authors, and other influential members of the community. The Living Barefoot Show includes tips and advice for those just starting out on their unshod journeys or the seasoned veteran barefooter.
Happy Running!
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