Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some randomness

Did you know that in statistics they have a random number chart.  This really just cracks me up. Seriously the irony just makes  me giggle!

Anyways, I went to the doctor today to have my iron levels checked again.
So for those of you that don't know I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago, which I never do by the way,  to see why I was so very tired, dizzy every time I changed altitude even by a little bit, couldn't run, and just felt like dookey in general.
My iron levels were at 9. All other blood work came back looking great.

So instead of taking the supplements I decided to try and get my levels up through my diet. I am my own experiment of one so why not.  I have been eating red meat, which is getting kind of old.  I don't mind and actually like venison but I don't have a source of that right not so its been beef.  I eat chocolate and loads of spinach, hummus, raisins, and anything else with iron in it. I also eat tomatoes and fruit for vitamin C to help absorb the iron.

I replied to a comment about my spinach photos saying that I was in the christmas season spirit with my red skin from all the tomatoes and green poo from all the spinach.
The line for TMI is pretty far out there after becoming a mother.  Being a mother and a runner makes it doubly so.

I feel so much better after my diet change!  I even got in a 15.84 barefoot long run in on Sunday and have had a couple 3ish milers with Jaymon.
  When I got my results back from the doctor today we were both surprised that my numbers had dropped even lower. What the bloody hell is that all about????  It is now at 8.5.  So I am conceding to taking the supplements of which he gave me a prescription for.  I asked why I felt so much better and yet my number dropped and he said the body can adapt.  Now its loads of spinach, hummus, tomatoes, chocolate, red meat, and iron and vitamin C supplements three times a day.  Cool with me.  I feel better so this will hopefully only keep on making me feel even better yet.
I get to work the New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride on Sunday here in Des Moines.  Come and see me at Mullets. I will be at the nuun tent!  I am not part of the bike/cycling scene here in Des Moines so I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing what kind of fun they have.

We are headed to Iowa City tomorrow for Dentist appointments.  Should be a fun little road trip although Jupiter may not think so as he is having his space maintainers taken out.  Its so hard to try and explain what is happening to a non verbal boy with autism.  He is tough and adapts pretty well considering and we will all be there for him.
Jupiter also starts the school year at Smouse Opportunity School next week.  Its a beautiful building and has a therapy pool and lots of sensory opportunities.  I feel good about the change and I think he will really enjoy it.

My son Samson is in 5th grade this year.  He is homeschooled  and we are a part of the Des Moines public school systems home instruction program. Milo and Archimedes will be doing some school work this year as well.

I have an 18 mile long run planned for either Friday or Saturday.  It was supposed to be Sunday however I am working so need to switch days.  I have been working on core strength and going to do P90X yoga today and Chest and Back tomorrow.    My focus is on the long run since my marathon training is an experiment and   has been turned a bit wonky from the anemia.    I am loving the runs I get to do with the hubs again!   His knee is feeling great and we are able to run a few miles at a time together.

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How is life going with fall coming?  Marathon training?   Any other race training?  Are you ready for school to start back up?  How are you going to cope with the winter this year?
Run happy my friends!
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