Monday, August 16, 2010

Snorg Tees review and giveaway! You don't want to miss this one!

his giveaway is closed!  Thanks for participating!

  Yesterday was my long run. I did 15.84 barefoot miles.   Back on track for marathon training!!

  Pretty uneventful run I suppose and when talking long runs that is a good thing.   One thing I noticed as I was going along my wonderfully shaded route was that there were leaves on the ground.  Now, I know cotton woods are one of the first to leaf out in the spring and also one of the first to shed them in the fall but really, come on, where did this summer go. I could smell the fall.  Just faintly but I think you know what I mean.

Last year here in Iowa it was a cold and snowy winter.  It snowed right at the first of December and the snow stayed on the ground, literally, until March.  This year I am planning ahead.  Actually I have been planning for the impending doom of this winter since the first day of spring.

Some things I have thought about are winter footwear, Vitamin D supplements, traveling lightly to get away from the snow (foreshadowing of upcoming sweet giveaway here), indoor activities like going to the Y to swim with the kids often, and hoodies.  Lots and lots of soft comfy hoodies to snuggle in!!
Last night it was actually cool enough to wear a hoodie!  
Snorg Tees sent me a hoodie of my choice and they are giving you the chance to win a T-shirt of your choice.
The irony of this shirt just cracks me up!   It was a really hard choice between the Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts graphic since the hubster is an MMA fighter and trainer!
  Its a classic hoodie that has the front pocket, draw string hood, and super soft and snuggly on the inside.  Its a unisex size and mine is a size medium and I love the fit.  The sleeves are nice and long as well as the waist which are usually issues with me finding good fitting sweatshirts.

Here is a bit about SnorgTees from their site.
SnorgTees got its start back in May 2004 when our group of friends decided that we weren't meant for a real job. We got our options narrowed down to international jewel thieves or internet t-shirt tycoons. Since it was the middle of the summer, we weren't able to find enough ski masks, which left t-shirts as our only option. Fast forward a few years and we've grown to the point where people mistake us for an actual business. We've even shipped a shirt to NASA. That means space. So technically we're a universal company. But we are still just a group of friends who run Snorg because we enjoy it. 

Here is how you can win your choice of  Snorg Tee shirt.

  • Be a follower of this blog and make sure and comment for each thing you do since I will use to choose the winner based on the number of comments
  • Head over to SnorgTees and tell me which one cracks you up!
  • Post a link about this giveaway on your blog, tweet, facebook, whatever but leave a comment for each one.
You will have until Monday August 23rd to enter and I will announce the winner on Tuesday!   Cheers my friends!
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