Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bix 7 expo to come, Scape sunscreen and Zensah

  I have been traveling a bit for nuun and doing samplings at different Hy-Vees here in Iowa as well as working the expo recently at the Hy-Vee triathlon. Coming up later this month, nuun will be at the Bix 7 American 7 mile National Championships in Davenport Iowa and we will be traveling along with RAGBRAI soon after.  This traveling is much fun since I love to drive. I am listening to Turn Coat and then hopefully Changes that are both part of Jim Butchers Dresden Files. Audio books make the world a better place!  My skin however does not like the drive.  I hate the drivers arm tan and it usually turns into a burn.
I am horrible at remembering to put on sunscreen but more on that in a minute.

   Recently I was sent some Zensah arm sleeves and I wore those in the car while driving to a nuun sampling. The sleeves kept my arms cool and I didn't burn!! I have worn them while running (I am wearing them in my header picture)  and really  liked the feel and again did not burn and was kept cool.  I wear them on my morning runs before it got too hot so it hasn't been a very rigorous test.
When I was driving with them on it was close to 100 heat index and wicked humidity. I was very pleased with them and if you only check them out for driving I highly recommend them!

Here is the product description from the site:
The most comfortable arm sleeve you will ever wear. The Zensah arm sleeve is unique in that it is the only arm sleeve which uses a special knitting process creating an arm sleeve which is ergonomic. The Zensah arm sleeve is the only arm sleeve which is anti-bacterial and ALL WEATHER GEAR making it great for us indoors in basketball or outdoors while cycling.

The sleeves stayed in place both while running and other wear. I was not pulling them up every so often as I envisioned would be the case. They are soft and it amazes me how cool they keep my arms. They come in white, black, and pink. Go check them out at Zensah's site!
  So what about the rest of me cooking like a barefoot bird in my little blue Festiva with no A/C?  I used the SCAPE sunscreen that I was sent to test out.  I am posting the reviews together since I used them together and they complimented each other very well.
  SCAPE sent me 50 spf lip balm, 50 spf face stick, and the 30 spf liquid sunblock.  I was quite happy with all three products.  Until they sent me the samples I must shamefully confess that I did not have any sunblock. I have this dilemma with the ingredients of sunblock and am conflicted as to what is worse, the sun exposure or the ingredients.  I have chosen to give this a go and I really don't need to be getting burnt even a little bit.  I did enough of this as a child.

  I like the face stick for  its super ease of use and the lip balm had a nice light flavor that was not offensive at all.  I would love to try the Clean Foam applicator as well.  I didn't think that the regular sunblock was very greasy. It was less so than the competition that I have tried in the past. The scent was light and nice smelling.
On my trip I put it all over since the tops of my legs, neck, face and hands were all exposed to the sun.
I have found that in fact it does not run into your eyes. That has got to be the worst! Having sunblock in your eye is not fun, no, not at all!!  This will be my combo for future road trips and running alike.
If you are looking for a sunblock option, I would give SCAPE a try!
Thanks for reading and I hope that you find solutions to beat the sun and heat this time of year!

**I was sent these products for free to try out. The opinions are my own**


Ryan said...

I loved the Dresden books. Have fun with them!

Molly said...

I won some Scape in a giveaway and I can't wait to try it out! Hate it when sunscreen drips in your eyes, UGH!

Teamarcia said...

Zensah arm sleeves are the bomb! Love Scape too!

AM! said...

i want some SCAPE!

MCM Mama said...

I need to get some of those sleeves...

I prefer to use mineral based sunblocks, rather than chemical ones. I've tried a ton, so if you ever want some suggestions, let me know.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen your new header photo, I love it!! I also love Scape, it's literally saving my skin and life!!

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