Saturday, June 19, 2010

moderation, no rest for the weary,people watching.

 Moderation. What is that exactly. How does one go about prioritizing when it all seems like too much yet you can't let go of anything in order to lighten up the load.

I like my job. I want responsibility and I do an excellent job at what I do.  I believe in what I do.  Damn integrity being so much work.  I can't fake it or cheat or sqeak in extra because I would know and it would drive me mad.  So I work and put too much on my plate.  I love what I do.  Whether its mothering, learning about communications devices for Jupiter, reading with the boys for their summer reading program which we just signed up for, talking with Jaymon about his projects, writing, barefoot running, hydration, nutrition, exhausts me to write it all out and yet I can't find a happy balance. yet. Yet is the key word. I do love that my super clever husband can blog for me in my absence. He makes me look good since you all must think that I am uber smart for having snagged such an intelligent partner.  Intelligence by proximity sounds good to me! This comes after I felt like he was hijacking my "thing" by running barefoot 8 miles without me and then stealing my blog! Only kidding Only kidding......I am over it now :)  Eight miles is his farthest yet. Go Barefoot Jaymon!!!
Just arriving for a nuun sampling in Iowa city Friday after being chased by a storm.

In barefoot running I know the concepts of good form and yet Jaymon can explain it from a different perspective and add words to the intuition that I feel. For example his post on the hamstrings and how you pull with them. I do this intuitively and now I can explain it as well without sounding like a moron that spouts vagaries. We do make a pretty good team.

                                                                  My sampling set up!

I didn't run tonight because Jaymon stepped on a roofing nail in the yard when he was tending to his "girls" (his tomato plants)  and he needs to let that heal a bit and I was too wiped out to go alone. There is a kind of tiredness that when you run you are able to relax better after you get back than if you don't run at all. I am hoping to get out there in the morning before heading off to two more samplings in West Des Moines.  
Its only been 2 days and yet it feels like an eternity since my lungs have sucked breath and my legs have burned. In all honesty though, stupid integrity, I really needed to rest.

 This weekend I have been in Iowa City training a kid from the Quad Cities for nuun.  This guy looks exactly like John Heder and in particular from his role as Billy Macaroy in Blades of Glory. He has the same light blonde fluffy hair and big smile and this dude runs some serious miles. We are talking 85 a week. He runs collegiately for Iowa State so the conversation was fun.

The people watching was thought provoking. Many women were excited about the idea of a drink that is tasty and has no sugar since they are working to reverse their diabetes and get healthy and they are wanting to drink more water.  I was surprised at the number of diabetics and was pleased that they were finding some inspiration and hope.
Once I get some good sleep and have a day to recoup after my whirl wind Iowa City and Cedar Rapids nuun samplings I will be able to find my happy place again. In hindsight I will remember the sweet moments of my road trip that I am taking for granted at this very tired moment like the people I talked with and the ice cream parlor flavored Jelly Bellies!   I really got thrown off when I wasn't able to run yesterday and then today to counteract the stress of traveling.  I can't just get out there for a couple of miles since too easily it turns into 6 or 10. Much like work and blogging and  just about everything I do,  its an all or none sort of deal and this has got to change. Thats where the moderation needs to be practiced. 

I came across a man named Geoffrey while I was in Iowa City. I liked the way he spelled his name. He is a special Olympics athlete. He has autism and was excited to try nuun for when he trains.  It was interesting to speak with an adult with autism since most of my experience is with children.  He really put himself out there to talk with me and I was very proud of him for taking pride in his accomplishments. He holds a job, participates in sports and works to make friends. All of which are not easy regardless of ones ability levels. He said that he works very hard with his speech pathologist and job coach and yet had a bit of sadness when he said that although he works so hard he still has an autism diagnosis. 
                                  This is one unhappy girl. See the storm looming in the background. That son of a bitch followed me from Des Moines. 

The shapes and sizes of people were incredible this go around.  Round black women that have this sexy saunter that I could never match. Tall, short, skinny, rotund. Every shape and size. Every color. Shy and demure to loud and obnoxious.  The biggest variety of people I have come across so far. I always feel inspired and want to write about sampling experiences and yet when I get home I find the inspiration has faded and its hard to get the same feelings mustered again in order to find the words to describe the events.  
Interacting with strangers has been great practice for when I hold barefoot running meetups.
Still in the thought phase but its coming soon. I need to just suck it up and get the ball rolling.
For your viewing pleasure, a video clip from Friday night in Iowa City.  The same storm that beat up Des Moines and chased me to Iowa City hit right as I was ready to drive home.
Never a dull moment, never a dull moment.......
and I love it.   

Anyone else get a new skirt from  I just got my camo and pool skirt that was only $17 total including shipping! Can't wait to try it out. Have you seen the Nuu-Muu athletic dresses?  They are pretty hot! As in sexy smokin  hot!  They sent me one to try out and I love it!  Can't wait to take some pics. I picked the Tango dress. Its black with bright blue trim. 
Happy running my friends!


Kerrie said...

I got a camo skirt, too! But I haven't received mine yet. :(

What's a pool skirt? Since I'm going to be doing pool running this summer I need to check it out. Or, is that just the "style" of skirt? I'll go look.

I like your people encounters. Very interesting. And the man with autism. So amazing. My best friend's son has autism and I'm sure this will give her some hope. I will tell her to "stop by."


I got two skirts from the sale. But I bet you're not shocked by that.

Glad to hear you are liking your job. I was telling the hubby about it the other day and he kept saying it would be the type of job I should do. Maybe I'll pick your brain about it one of these days.

Courtney said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new dress. Hard to tell from the website what they'd be like to run in. But I love their sizing names! =)

Janice said...

I run in a skirt from I like theirs because it has a brief underneath and I don't like shorts underneath. I love my running skirt. It's bright orange, which is my favourite colour. I often wear it with a hot pink top. My hubby says he can spot me easily in that! I might check out the other kinds online though. We'll see.
I continue to be inspired by all you do. Barefoot/minimalist running has invigorated me. I'm not yet at the distances I was with shoes, but I feel so good about my running right now. Every time I'm out in my bare feet, I feel like a kid in summertime. Thanks for your blog and for being a cool hip mom.

Molly said...

I finally ordered a running skirt too from their big sale....camo/purple baby....can't wait to see what all the fuss is about!

Tricia said...

love their skirts!

hope his foot heels quickly!

misszippy said...

I completely feel you on the balance thing. Right now I feel like I am probably juggling a bit too much and it can make one a bit cranky! You'll get it all figured out. Just being home I'm sure helps. Keep it up!

The Boring Runner said...

My dad told me about those storms that rolled through - they were crazy!

He said that it rained really hard and then all of a sudden it was clear out!

Unknown said...

Cute, cute dresses. I wish we had stuff like that here. And, Running Skirts had nothing in my size. I guess someone is trying to make sure I don't spend.

Running can exhaust you and so can all of the other things that we are doing. Finding that perfect balance is impossible, I find. It's about knowing when and how to tip the scales so that everyone is happy.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

you are quite smart for snagging a smarty hubbs and for holding it all together with loads of great things on your plate.

I picked up 3 skirts and try one out this morning. Super comfy!

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for the tip on the running skirts:) I am not that lucky with finding the good deals on running gear! It sounds like you are really busy with your new job. I know that you are liking it and that it was a good fit for you:)

Wow, that is some big time storm! I am glad that you are okay. There were tornados that made there way through Minnesota a few days ago. Take care Angie!

ShellBell said...

All those storms missed us which I was happy about. Balancing everything can be tough but not impossible. Sounds like you are having fun!!!

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