Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bike Trails with Archimedes and Nuu Muu update

Our neighbor's grand children were over today and have been this whole weekend. Its been fun for the kids but Archimedes gets tired and grouchy and then is frustrated when he has to come inside so
I folded up the running stroller and when I told Archimedes that we were going for a run he raced for the car.
We decided to run on the paved bike trails just down the road from us.
I usually wear my Teva Proton's when pushing the stroller but today I decided to go barefoot. Its not a hilly route like my cemetery route so I was hoping it would make for good foot strengthening.
As I passed by cyclists or walkers I figured that running barefoot in a dress while pushing a stroller was just enough to make me a trend setter and not a nut job.  Let me have my delusions please, they make me happy!
We passed a man with a very young puppy. It was an adorable Springer Spaniel, I believe.  Medes was shy but after we moved on he started chattering about the puppy.
He then promptly fell asleep. After hitting the 5.3 mile mark my legs decided to turn into lead weights although I managed to pull off  little under 10 minute miles.
I loved running in my Nuu Muu dress. It was light and moved with me. Not restricting at all and it didn't ride up so the shortness was cute but didn't flash the world my nether regions.  This is now a new favorite outfit for sure. Like I said before, I went to a fine art show, prepared huge amounts of food at home and then went for an 8.22 mile run with the littlest spawn in the running stroller. Its a versatile and sexy little number that I think many of you would like.
I had to keep moving or the mosquitoes would devour us but I did quickly get a shot of Medes and I. Check out the vein in my forehead! Mommas workin hard!
I missed having Jaymon run with me however he is nursing a sore knee. He is working on balancing out his muscles.  I wish I would have thought to fold up the stroller and put it in the front seat of the Festiva before. It was so easy to take a spawn with me to run. I think its helping me to keep my muscles balanced.  A little hill work, pushing the stroller, keeping up with Jaymon and then a long run makes for a wonderful  36.35 mile week. Not too shabby considering working so much lately.

Its blurry but we sure are cute!
As I sit here typing this I am realizing that my neck and arms are pretty sore. Pushing from my hips instead of  with my arms was not as consistent as I was trying for. My feet feel great though!

Tomorrow will be busy with camp and shipping off nuun to bloggy friends and family. I am sending some to my pops. He says that Hatorade gives him wicked heart burn and indigestion and wants to try some nuun!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and heres to a glorious week! 


Claire said...

Look at those beautiful, matching eyes!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and the littlest spawn!

AM! said...

cool new bloggy makeover;-)
and i'll take some of that nuun shipping to bloggers;-)

Ashley said...

That last pic of you and Medes is absolutely adorable! Love the matching blue eyes :-).

Laura said...

Awesome pics...I really need to try some Nuun..My sweat factor is taking a toll on my running of late.

Laura said...

So cute! Great job getting in the miles this week!

misszippy said...

Such sweet pics of you and the little guy! Glad the dress is working out.

Hatorade--first time I've heard that one!

Marlene said...

Such sweet pictures! Nice job on the run - sounds wonderful! I love your new header too!

ShellBell said...

Sounds like a great run! You are so photogenic!

Jill said...

I love the picture of you and the wee-one, how adorable! Excellent run and what a perfect way to get in some arm workouts in, too, by using the stroller :).

KovasP said...

Our 4th is due in a month and, though I've dropped the habit, am looking forward to using the jogging stroller again.

Emz said...

those eyes.

those EYES!!


Janice said...

Wow....does that child ever have your eyes!

MCM Mama said...

What a cutie! Glad the dress is working out for you!

Julie said...

Your little guy is so adorable....loving the gorgeous eyes:)

Rad Runner said...

Look at those great pics! High Five Angie!

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