Sunday, February 7, 2010

Questionnaire on RW barefoot forum and cool patch from hubby!

Here is a link to the questionnaire I filled out on the RW barefoot runners forum!  
It was pretty fun and I surprised myself for volunteering to be the runner of the week to fill it out!  I knew that situations would present themselves for me to practice doing things that scare me(one of my goals for 2010)!

We went to the flea market today. Jaymon walked around with Sam and I looked around with Milo and wore Archimedes in my Mei Tai baby carrier on my back.  I wish I would have had Jaymon take pictures of us!  I was and still am wearing one of the cool hats my sister-in-law made and received  several compliments on it. We saw lots of cool stuff and when I got home Jaymon surprised me with the barefoot patch that I had shown him earlier. It is still making me smile that he bought that for me!  

I am off to run on the treadmill and finish up the laundry! I want to keep my weekly mileage at about 25 miles (I need to do 7 to make 25)  so I can build up a reserve of miles in case I need the time off I will still reach my goal of 1000 in 2010. 
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