Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chocolate chip cookies on a cloudy day

Yesterday I wanted cookies and I had been waiting for the perfect day to bake them.  Gluten free of course, oh and dairy and egg free too!
On a day like this all gloomy and foggy and cold,  a jiggsaw puzzle, hot coffee and cookies were  called for.

I used Bobs Red Mill Chocolate Chip cookie mix.

We went to the store and bought a 10 pack of puzzles and started putting one together as we ate our cookies. The puzzles were a bit hard for the kids however the watched and played  while Jaymon and I worked for hours. It was lovely.

MMMMM cookies!

No running for me. It was a rest day. My morning was quite stressful and making cookies was relaxing. Even more so than eating them although gnoshing was fun too!

A trip to Childserve for therapy, a trip to the store with lots of running around and then cookies is enough to tucker a little fella out.

Today is Tuesday and another rest day. Tomorrow will be a longer treadmill run of 10 miles or so since we are expecting to get ice and sleet tomorrow. I would love to be outside again but the Iowa winter thinks otherwise. I managed my calories well yesterday and didn't feel like I needed to burn off the extra cookie calories. And on a side note, the puzzle lasted about 24 hours before being destroyed by a monster child. It lasted longer than I would have wagered.


Anonymous said...

Now you have me craving oatmeal cookies with cranberries. Doh!

Unknown said...

Dates are really yummy in oatmeal cookies! Dates and butterscotch chips is even better!

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