Friday, January 4, 2013

Pick 3 things you love about yourself

 Many of us choose New Years resolutions that focus on something that we don't like about our bodies.  Desire to change our bodies and maybe loose weight and put on muscle are great goals but working towards those goals can be really tough.  Its an emotional roller coaster and we need a contingency plan to be kind to ourselves when the going gets rough.

This time of year we go into our goals all gung-ho with lots of inspiration but that inspiration is short lived and motivation is much more work.  I don't mean to discourage you.  Quite the contrary I want to offer up my advice and share what I have learned about New Years Resolutions.

  Its fun to start new things.  We think we are going to CRUSH THOSE GOALS.  Its great to get you to commit but then it takes long slow diligent work that can be really effin hard.   All that crushing in the first couple of weeks will wear you out.  Again, I don't want you to think you should give up before you have started and the key is to have a plan.  Anticipate the hardships and plan to get through them.

 I want you to pick three things you like about yourself.  Better yet, pick three things that you love about yourself.  I read on a friends blog today about an exercise called the peach and the pit.  For every pit find a peach.

  For me, I really would like to change my belly.  I know there are abs under there and I have seen them before but my stomach is where I carry my fat.  Thats one pit.  A peach would be my dimples.  I like my dimples when I smile.  I am really tight and carry much stress in my hips.  Thats a pit for me.  Its super frustrating and even though I am determined to kindly change this its frustrating none the less.  A peach is that I am strong in arm balances like the Crow pose.  I am really good at starting new things.  I am curious, daring and brave.  I also am not good at finishing projects.  I sometimes sabotage myself because failure is safe.  Its a known quantity.  I could go on but you get the idea.

  When you are feeling down and are tired and frustrated with yourself or maybe have hit a plateau you can read your list and remember the beautiful things about yourself.   When you are in the aftermath of a food binge or you suddenly got sick right when you were doing so good at your lifting, or running, or what ever, you are going to feel crappy about yourself and life in general and well you know, life happens but  it's how we deal that matters most.  Those bad days are inevitable but they don't have to ruin everything.   Change is worth it but it can be hard.  You can be ready though!  You've totally got this!

  So take a few minutes and make a two column list.  For every pit that you are working to change (or even if you can't change them) , write down a peach.  Also keep a copy of your  list visible in your every day space.  Post it notes are awesomesauce for this kind of thing!!  So make that  list of three things that you really love about yourself.   It doesn't have to be all about your body either.  If you are good at something write it down.

   Its an active way to practice compassion for  yourself.  If you are more accepting of yourself you will be more accepting of others.  Taking care of others is a sure fire way to find happiness and it all starts from within.  You loved yourself enough to want to change and be something more, better, different, happier.  That should go on your list too!

  Finding inner peace sounds abstract and downright hard sometimes but this list of 3 (or more) things you love about yourself is a way to ACTIVELY practice daily.   I wish you the best!!

Angie Bee
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