Friday, December 7, 2012

Sun Salutations video. How I warm up.

  I am  self taught in yoga.  I would love more formal training but I am going with what I have and for now I use books, youtube, apps, and friends offering up tips and instruction.

  I get asked often how I warm up for the poses that I have been posting on instagram (of which there are some fantasticly lovely people in the yoga community) and Facebook.  I am doing a #yogaaday December photo challenge on Instagram.

  So, here is a video I made of the Sun Salutation that I do.  I modify it here and there to add more of a stretch on different poses but for the most part its the same one I have been doing off and on for years.  Jaymon, my superhero, was the one to teach it to me way back in the day.

  Its a work in progress.   My practice is just as much about the inside as the out.  I need to warm up to dig deep and this is how I start.  I typically do 12 Sun Salutations before each practice given that I have enough time.  On the last two I try and really work on each pose.

  Yoga is like running in that you might feel really crappy for the first mile but once you get warmed up you can better evaluate how you feel and where you are in your journey.

Angie Bee

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Ava Bryan said...

Grateful for you writing this

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