Thursday, July 28, 2011

My lovely barefoot boy spawn

 When I am not running or blogging I am a mother to four of the most amazing male spawn in the universe.  I was thinking of them during my run.  We were doing hills and my mind wandered to my sons.

  Samson is my oldest son and his surprise arrival showed me that I can be giving, I can take care of others, and I too can grow up.    He is clever and resourceful and likes to learn.  He is a youtube junky and not just for watching silly videos.  He taught himself to play the Ukulele in his down time from learning how to make weapons from bow and arrows to various knives. These days he is quite the outdoorsman and actively seeks out information on what interests him. He watches videos on fishing and is content to spend his days much as I did as a kid exploring the creek down the road.
Making friends seems effortless for him.  He can hang with us and watch Sci Fi or play with his brothers for hours.  Jaymon and I sometimes comment that we wish we could be Sam's age so we could be friends with him and play.

  Jupiter is my nine year old.  He came two years after Samson and has always been a big sturdy person.  He was 10 lbs 2 oz at birth and certainly continues to resemble the sky father that he was named for.  He was developing normally talking and being and inquisitive 13 month old until he received his 12 month shots and then he slipped away from us.   Our lives became about autism.  He is still non verbal but has lost many of the traits of autism.   He loves to play outside and seeks out ways to help out around the house and find ways to interact.   Always up for going somewhere and eager to learn at his therapies.  His iPod touch with its communication software has improved our lives tremendously and he is able to communicate with more complexity.  We've got your back Jupie.

  Milo Atticus makes me wonder if he is in fact a five year old human as he seems to have more traits of a monkey and boasts about it often.  If you are moving he wants to move too.  If there is a race, he wants to run it.  If you are doing yoga, he comes and learns how to do it too.  He has an infectious laugh and also has a love of learning.  The Wild Krats and many other PBS kids shows and games online occupy much of his time and he loves to learn about animals and words.   Of all the boys he reminds me the most of myself.  We share a birthday and both have a freckle on the palms of our right hands.

  Archimedes Supercell is one tough cookie.   He does things his own way and is a thinker.  He was born at home into mine and Jaymon's arms.  The midwife missed his birth by half an hour and it was perfect timing.  He has a dimple to die for and a husky little laugh to go with it.  He is the baby so has to be tough.   He can hold his own though and can muster up bravery after he sees something he wants to do, thinks about it, and then goes for it.   Running and trains make him happy.  I love this about him!  I enjoy everyday seeing him grow and mature.

  Tonight we took we took a barefoot walk up on top of the viaduct to watch trains go under the bridge and see the city lit up in the distance.  On the way back Archimedes had his arms full of trash and said "the world gets dirty mom, I will help clean it up".  He and Milo were so happy to help clean up.    Ahhh my boys.  I like you so much.

I made this video last summer but its a classic in my book.  Long live summer!

Angie Bee


Anonymous said...

"...but has lost many of the traits of autism."

Well, you answered mu Q/A question. That is so cool!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Did you post this video before. It seemed familiar. I love this description of your boys and they will love it too. So great to capture the way we are feeling at moments in life. We never know when we might lose the ability to remember or share them.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute to your boys! This is something that will be cherished forever.

Jen said...

What a great post. Sometimes I think about my kids too when I'm on a run. It sometimes takes time away from them, even for just an hour, to appreciate them more. I'm so impressed by your home birth. And it sounds like your little guys are growing up with their mom's influence. Great post!

zapmamak said...

That video just gave me goosebumps! Love it! Love all my boys too... :-)

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