Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toesalad, IBRD, Public speaking,and Miss Barefoot Bee

IBRD is May 1st and (tentatively on the location)  there will be a gathering and run at Grays Lake here in Des Moines.  It will be a meetup for barefoot and minimal shoe runners and everyone is encouraged to come and go for a run, walk, jaunt, stroll, ect.  Come and kick off your shoes and have some fun at beautiful Grays Lake!  Its always easier to do something new with a bunch of nice laid back people.  If you have wanted to try barefoot running and need some motivation and encouragement, here is your chance!!

There will be updates here as well as the Barefoot Runners Society Iowa Chapter facebook page.

I will be manning the nuun both at the Healthy Living Expo coming up on Jan 29th.  At 12:30 ish I will be doing a talk on barefoot running and my experience with it so far.
Speaking engagement, holy guacamole I am nervous but I think it will be uber fun too!  There will be another Expo called the Natrural Living Expo that will be held in April on the 2nd and 3rd and I will be speaking at that as well if you miss the first one.

Have you checked out Toe Salad yet??  

Toesalad is a directory, forum, and community for all things minimalist footwear. Fellow minimalist runner Damien Tougas of the Adventure in Progress blog has just put up an interesting new site/social network for shoe fanatics. Called Toe Salad (named by his daughter), the site features reviews and information centered around every manner of minimalist running shoe.

     This is Miss Barefoot Bee.
Karly at Bitter Sweetz made me this little sweet bee!

Karly has many other characters like Yoga Donut, Cake Beast, Groovy Hippy Donut, Angel and Devil Cupcake... and many more.  You will see more of Miss Barefoot Bee.  I totally dig her running skirt and sports bra and she has the cutest little stinger and feet! 

Fun things happening this year already.  Definitely opportunities for me to give back and challenge myself and do some things that are scary as hell which can be fun despite the fear!


Penny said...

I hope to be able to IBRD MAY 1ST if not in the field. I love the Miss Barefoot Bee. GOOD Luck on your speaking engagements you will be awesome.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love your little bee!!

Congrats Presi-den-taaay! I hope your Healthy expo on the 30th is a huge success!!! Nuun speaks for itself though!

Katie Kift said...

Love Miss Barefoot Bee... I wonder if she would do a Barefoot Kitty :) Meow..

Good luck with IBRD - I am trying to think about organising our event in Vancouver. I have to admit I am a little nervous about it. I want it to be huge, but I am unsure on how to promote it. I am waiting to see what documentation we will get from Paleo and then I will be hitting the media.. I suppose I am a little nervous because I KNOW people are travelling a long way to get to the event so I want it to be special. I think I finally see why ShelleyV get's so nervous now. On that note MTD'S!! Sorry can't say it often enough, because, seeing who's going... it's going to be such a laugh. Do you think Shelley knows what she is letting herself in for?

I am trying to see if I can get some help on the media front - if I could get help organising the Beer tent that might be more useful.


Thanks for the plug! Speaking of NUUN, I have been meaning to try out NUUN U as I don't care much for the artificial sweeteners in the regular version. Have you tried it? What do you think?

Unknown said...

Love Miss Barefoot Bee.

Congrats on your gig at the Expo. They are so lucky to have you there; you're a wealth of information and evidence of success.

Richelle said...

I LOVE the bee! :)

misszippy said...

That bee is awesome! And you will be an awesome, inspirational speaker, too. Congrats on the opportunity!

Karly West said...

That's awesome Angie!!

And thank you again for designing the lovely Miss Barefoot Bee and for linking my Bitter Sweetz shop on here! She was SO fun to create and you were a such a pleasure to work with!

Bourbonfeet said...

The acronym ibrd doesn't work for me. Might as well emphasize "Barefoot" and go with BIRD. Just my 2 Cents

Suzanne Hull said...

Glad to have you at the Healthy Living Expo this year. Make sure you're there on Saturday, January 29th...instead of the 30th as you mention in your post. I'd hate to have you show up a day late! Thanks!

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