Saturday, January 23, 2010

15.5 mile run, Fog and new camera

  A friend I met online was kind enough to donate a small pocket sized awesome Sony digital camera to my blog. We met on facebook and he was interested in the barefoot running I do and asked if I ever post pics from my running. I told him my camera was too big to carry on a run and he said he would send me one.
 What a kind and generous gift! I do owe him a photo of running barefoot in the snow however but that is a price I think I can pay!  It fits in my running shorts pocket perfectly and is light enough not to be a bother at all.
So without further ado, here are some photos from my run today with my new  kick ass little camera that takes surprisingly great photos!

It rained quite heavily this morning and cleaned off the ice from the roads. The sidewalks are still icy and dangerous but the roads are clear.  I got about quarter of a mile out and realized I had forgotten the camera so I went back to get it!

This is the dreary view down my street. The air was warm (well 41 degrees) and of course high humidity.

This hill gets easier and easier. It always looks steeper on the way up and this isn't taken from the bottom but maybe a third of the way up.

The roads are littered with fallen limbs from the recent ice storm.

This was the only spot in the cemetery where I had to run on ice.
The smell from the trees is heavenly. Reminds me of northern California.

The reward of a lovely view from the top is hidden in the fog today. You can see downtown Des Moines framed by the trees in the middle of this photo on a clear day.

My trusty Teva Protons. Flexible and light with good traction and keep my feet toasty warm with the help of some wool socks.

Thats me! The girl with the green hat at the top of the hill looking out at some fog! I thought it would be kinda creepy all alone in the boneyard with all the fog but it was surprisingly peaceful.

I see a small herd of 6 deer just about every time I run here. Can you spot 2 of them?? They were a bit more skiddish today. They usually don't run when I come by.

This is one of 2 of the coolest names I have seen and a rather ominous looking stone as well.

Here is the other one. How cool would it be to have the name Starzinger!!!

I love this tree. Its doing the half moon pose.

Here is me again wit a big smile getting ready to head down the hill after hiking through knee deep snow to get the photo of the Starzinger stone. I didn't go barefoot today but plan to next time. I am having issues with my right foot and blisters from the treadmill. I can't wait for spring so I can run on the roads barefoot. I rarely have any problems on the roads but the treadmill is tricky.
 I managed 8.75 miles outside before it got dark. I heard gunshots as I was coming down the hill so I got freaked out and decided to go home. There are signs in the cemetery saying that bow hunting is allowed but it made me nervous anyways with the low visibility.
When I got home I took off some layers and hopped on the treadmill to finish off my run. I ran in my Sockwas and  ended with 15.5 miles. I feel great now and as always think I could have pushed a bit harder but I am breaking new ground and should not get too crazy with it.
Thank you again Mark for the cool camera!
I can't wait to go on some new routes and take it to races!!


weave said...

I love reading your words Annie. Sounds like you are just sitting on my couch telling me about your run!! Lucky you to get the camera!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, it looks like a really nice run. Or else you are a fantastic photographer!

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
I need a smaller camera to take with me on my runs and races. The one I have is annoying to run with and I usually end up hitting it with my arm/elbow:( Let me know how the camera works....I am in the market for a new one:) Have a great day Angie!

Unknown said...

The camera that I have for runs is a Sony Cybershot 6 mega pixel Carl Zeis DSC-W50. I need to find a running skirt that has pockets for the summer. Right now it fits in my pocket easily but I wear tights with a pair of shorts over them and the shorts have pockets and that will change in the summer. Those shorts are tooooo short to wear without tights!hahaha!!

Holly said...

I could use a smaller camera too, so I can document more. But I know that if I even mentioned that my partner would KILL me. Seeing how I just HAD to have the camera I have now. LOL > one of my selling statments a couple of years ago...was I like it because it feels sturdy ( big ) LOL. ;)

Unknown said...

thats funny Holly!! That was why I chose my bigger one! It felt good to hold and sturdy! Now it sits in the camera bag most of the time. If I had an extra hand I would use it more often!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Barefoot in SNOW?? Wow woman.. I was running my LR this weekend and a guy went by in Vibrams. It was funny when I was getting ready to leave he was in his car putting shoes on to drive. Sorta made me chuckle..

Sounds like we were prego at the same time. Does your little guy sleep through the night?? OUrs buddy is not so much a sleeper..

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK just realized that I have to click the name of the post to see the FULL blog, whoops!! YOu look nearly identical to my cousin, same nose piercing and everything...uncanny

Unknown said...

I really am not a fan of shoes anymore. If I could wear flip flops all year round I would!

Thats funny that the guy was putting shoes on to drive! Its a myth that its against the law to drive barefoot btw! My little Archimedes wakes up every night/morning at 3:00 and cries or fusses anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Otherwise he sleeps great. I still nurse him twice a day but he doesn't need it every time to fall asleep anymore. He is very sassy but I suppose he has to be with 3 older brothers.

Its weird how we come across random strangers that seem familiar!

Tricia said...

Lovely pics, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'll happily be a follower.

Tricia said...

Ok, just tried to become a follower, but google friends connect is down. I'll return soon :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I am attempting to get to know all there is to know about Angie Bee but it will take me some time to get caught up.
Wow oh wow on the barefoot running. and the amazing gift of a camera (same camera size problem here but I think I'll just have to save my pennies for a cheap little one to carry when I run).

Unknown said...

Hi Shellyrm!! Welcome!

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