Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moving forward and Walter Mitty goodness

  When we moved up here to Port Angeles we knew that it most likely would not be permanent.  We knew we wanted to be in Washington but wanted to get up here and then start getting an idea as to what the different cities are like.  This was a lovely place to land when we first got here but its just not quite right for us.  For our particular family.

Bremerton Washington
   Port Angeles is gorgeous, I mean seriously breathtaking with the mountains that meet the water, and we love our house despite its flaws.  Our house has lovely light and huge windows with a great view.  The broadband though is stupid high  and for a tech family of six it is just unacceptable.  There is no competition to keep the prices competitive and lower.   The utilities are looking to keep going up as well.

  The BIG issue is that there are no services for Jupiter, my non verbal 11 year old with autism.   There are the potential for services but no staff and I was just told that it is historically difficult to get staff up here and for icing on the cake, the lead staff is moving.   So unless someone with lots of ABA experience and a BA wants to come take over, Aptitude Habilitation is looking for a lead staff in this area!

  So, the hunt begins for a new place to call home.   We are thinking the Bremerton/ Silverdale area which is about an hour south east of us.   We are not in  a huge hurry but Jupiter needs more than just school.   The town is surrounded by water and the mountains will still be in view.

  We will be able to ride a ferry to Seattle that only takes about an hour and Sam, the oldest spawn,  will be able to go and explore, which I am so excited about!   It could open up  job opportunities as well.

 The services that I hope to get for Jupiter would be through Easter Seals.  We had a fabulous experience with Easter Seals in Iowa.    In Silverdale they have an autism center, respite, camp, and ABA.  Fingers and toes crossed that they take his insurance and don't have a long wait list.  I should find out tomorrow.   If not, the search will continue in the Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia areas.

  I am staying open minded and flexible.  We will find something better, I have no doubt and as long as we have each other, we are golden!

As an aside,  I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night and it was fantastic.  A little predictable but a feel good movie with an excellent soundtrack.   My oldest spawn just ordered a longboard and I can't wait to practice on it!

Change, embrace it and have a good soundtrack!!
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