Monday, July 30, 2012

Walking barefoot

This time of year is the time to strengthen those feet. Walking barefoot is the place to start. I like to wear easy on/off sandals so I can slip them off to be barefoot whenever I want and yet have them there to put on if my feet need protection again.

You might find that the sensations of being barefoot are quite intense at first. That's normal and through practice the intensity will fade to be replaced with enjoyment.

The key is to relax and be mindful of how your body is moving. Walk with an upright posture and take smaller steps that land under your center of mass. The walking gait is distinctly different than a running gait. A walking gait is a heel to toe movement where the heel lands first and then the foot rolls through to the toe and then lifts off again.

Notice the sensations that you feel. Warm brick, cool grass, although be very careful in grass as it hides potential dangers. Being barefoot is safest when you can see what you are stepping on. Smooth dirt paths are my favorite but a cold hard linoleum is nice too.

Remember too that we wash our feet far more often than we wash shoes and feet are easily cleaned. Besides being barefoot will give you a great reason to get a pedicure! Pamper and be kind to yourself and strengthen those feet!




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