Monday, November 22, 2010

Running Chics are the bees knees.

I have loved Running Chics since the beginning of the summer when they sent me a bamboo t-shirt and sweet blue tank. Here is the post from earlier in the year.
Andrea was kind enough to send me a pair of pants and a thermal when their new site launched and they were gearing up for colder weather.

I chose the Dark teal with white lettering thermal shirt.  It has a fabulous long length to the waist and the sleeves are long enough as well, which is sometimes hard for me to find.
This shirt is perfect under a jacket or for the base layer when it is colder out.  Its soft and comfortable with fabulous color and the logo is awesome.   They also have swimmer, cheer, cycle, tennis chics, and many more so there is something for every chic out there!

I also have the pleasure of wearing the ALO Running Chic pants.  These are so comfortable and my hubby says they make my butt look cute so that was the deal sealer for sure!  They are long enough and fit perfectly in the waist.  The cute Chic logo is at the base of the left leg to add some style to the simple black pants.
I have worn and washed these pants numerous times and they still look brand new.  I love the slight flair to the leg.
See what I mean about these pants making my butt look cute!
I have had a love hate relationship with ALO.   ALO sent me a brilliant hoodie a while back that remains my favorite and probably will stay my favorite for a long time!! The shorts though...I just couldn't make them work so I had resigned to love their tops but not the bottoms.  I was happy to realize that the pants that Running Chics sent me are made by ALO!  Good on ya ALO for the wonderful pants and to Running chics for making them their own with the added sweet logo!

If someone wants to surprise me with some early Christmas gifts I would love this sassy leaf green hoodie
And this lovely blue vest!

So in case you didn't click on the link above about all of the different Chics that would love this apparel, here it is again. There is a whole family of Chics from little chics to nurse chics!  There are even pregnant chics for you soon to be mommies!  

Thanks to the ladies at Running Chics for giving me the chance to check out their gear share the love with my readers!  Now go check them out!

"No matter how far or fast you go, whatever gets you running, count on Running Chics to be with you stride for stride. Because life is a race, and you deserve to be comfortable!"


JunieB said...

how is the sizing on these pullovers and shirts?

i dont see anywhere on their site with a size chart.

C2Iowa said...

Someday I hope to be able to run barefoot like you; in Iowa even!

Emz said...

These may even be cooler than my T. ;)

Love them!

Anonymous said...

OH yeah LOVE that green!!!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

The running chics are so cute! I love that blue. It reminds me of the blue you wore in your Aha moment video. Love it!

Molly said...

very cute, I may have to casually email their link to my hubs..... : )

KovasP said...

That green hoodie is an awesome shade.

Teamarcia said...

Super cute stuff! I love RC!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm looking at their site right now (after this). Gotta have pants that make our butt look cute! :)

ShutUpandRun said...

LOVE that shirt. And looks really good on you.

Unknown said...

Oh, you got a thermal! It looks great on you! I tried but they were gone. I love Running Chics! Judging by the fast sell-out, so do a lot of other gals!

MCM Mama said...

Cute stuff! That blue shirt looks awesome on you.

Laura said...

LOVE Running Chics stuff!!!

Head Case said...

You, know, you look lovely with your hair down.

That first picture against the tree is truly beautiful.

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