Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The buzz about barefoot running!!!

 Yay for the barefoot buzz! Yay for ruffled feathers and scientists with a mission and more missions to come as running shoe companies get all frenzied. Yay for question asking and curiosity!

  So to make this easier on myself I am posting some links to very well thought out and eloquently written as well as entertaining blog posts from some fellow barefoot runners.
  Here is one from my fellow Runners World Barefoot forum buddies and ultra runner Jason Robillard at 
Barefoot Chronicles.  It is talking about the silly email that was sent out by Road Runner Sports. Douchebags. Oops did I say that out loud.
  Here is a clever post by Barefoot Josh.  I agree being a lab rat would be a sweet occupation!

This was written by another fellow RW Barefoot forum buddy who also happens to be a kick ass ultrarunner and fantastic writer. Terrible Twos and Running Shoes.

Here is a link to the folks over at RunBare. So much fantastic information and the history of RunBare it inspiring.
Here is a post   over at Zen and the Barefoot Joggler with a link to a study done by Dr. Lieberman. If you have read Born to Run then you would recognize the name and not be surprised by his findings.

Last but certainly not least her is a blog by Donald over at Running and Rambling. I too prefer to sit back and watch the feathers fly instead of trying to preach right or wrong. There is going to be so much more buzz to come! Isn't it exciting!!!

When you see me running down the road with no shoes on my feet then you will see what I think is best for me and my sole.

  I sit hear dreaming of an early spring in this winter wasteland called Des Moines Iowa. I am sick of wearing my minimal shoes and running on that dang treadmill which I do barefoot and sometimes in Sockwas. I want to feel the warm pavement under my tootsies!

Here is a quote from Shel's blog about the barefoot runners meetup!
"and finally here is some great news for barefoot and minimalist runners far and wide! On may 8th of this year there is going to be an official barefoot runners meetup and race at the Fifth Third Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, MI. The race is a 5k, 10k and 25k, and events will include a party and after race get together. according to ken bob saxton it will be the largest turn out of barefoot runners at a race in US history, and there may be some attempts at a Guinness record. although there are races world wide that have many more BF runners, Guinness has not yet tabulated a record. either way, it'll be a really cool event. minimalist runners are welcome to the party as well and more info can be found here."

Here's a funny about curiosity! hehe!

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